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Blog#48 – Honest Question, How Much Do You Tolerate?


Things are getting good. 

I think to myself, I can either keep thinking about every thing I need to do in life in order to get what I want, and just keep thinking about it yet what actually changes?
But in the end it’s tolerance….it keeps going based on how much you are willing to tolerate. It isn’t what you want in life that gives you change. It’s what you MUST have in life that forces the change. The tolerance is no longer something you are willing to accept. In that moment, you have to look at the seconds and minutes and hours that pass you by, you have to decide whether those moment were important or not, for you to waste. Have you heard the term every second counts? What that means is, in all honesty you will have to decide whether those minutes and hours and days and years were worth wasting? Did your dreams and passion ignite you or bury you? If you wanted something bad enough, when shit got south for you in those moments that is where you grow if you can just push through. But if you fall behind, or stay in place you lag behind more and more and nothing happens. Such is life. 
The moments we share with family are the most important things we can do, and be apart of, yet we are always so preoccupied with so many things, and what does all that matter? Really, is it the bullshit in your head that keeps us down? Do you feel like your dreams are chained up? Your goals are slowly burning away? Do you keep thinking about things that don’t change? Do you waste the moments you do have by thinking about all the things you need to start doing tomorrow? 
Get after it. Get into the grind and grow. 
Do what makes you happy. Is it more important to do what makes you happy instantly? Or is it more important to know that what you do will bring you happiness long term? 
Don’t throw away moments that can be used to further yourself.