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Blog #53 – Your Body Weight Set Point Is A Real Thing!

WAKEUP: I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research on body weight, calories in and calories out, the burning of calories for energy and why this is the way it is…. and what the truth is and here’s what’s up, everyone has a natural body weight set point. That is the weight in number, that your body is MOST comfortable at. For someone obese it’s higher set point than someone that is thin. When someone thin tries to gain weight, say they started out at 155 lbs and want to get to 180 lbs for example… what happens is they have to work really really hard to gain that weight. They can eat as much as they want and the body will still try to fight it and burn that excess over feeding off to get back to set point. This is why thin folks normally have a hard time gaining . If they don’t, and it came quite easy then they were actually under their weight set point for that time at 155, and it’s actually maybe somewhere near 170 lbs. same can be said for someone obese. But just in the opposite reflection. Since losing weight reduces total energy expenditure, many obese people assume they have a slow metabolism, but it’s quite the opposite. Leaner people cannot burn energy as fast as bigger people because their body weight set point is too low. The problem with heavier folks is the set point is too high. Suppose you weigh 300 lbs, and by a calorie restriction diet we briefly lose some weight and get to 285 lbs after some hard work. If the body set weight is at 300, your body will try to regain the lost weight by stimulating appetite. Grehlin is increased, and the satiety hormones become suppressed. (Grehlin is an appetite hormone. Grehlin is super high means you are hungry beyond belief) at the same time, the body will decrease its total energy expense. Metabolism begins shutting down, body temp drops, heart rate drops, blood pressure too, all in a desperate attempt to conserve energy. Unfortunately the result almost always comes back to regaining the weight and more, past the original set point because when you restrict calories the body wants to make sure it never goes into that mode again. Fundamentally at its core this is what homeostasis looks like when it’s at work, the set point of the body. 
The real challenge is knowing what calories to put in your body. You dont have to restrict caloric intake to lose weight. In fact you shouldn’t. You have to eat the right caloric (nutritionally dense foods) that help aid you in keeping your insulin levels lower, thus not spiking and blocking the satiety receptors like Leptin which is the hormone that makes you feel full as fuck). 
Intermittent fasting and a low carb or keto/paleo lifestyle can support that goal.  
Killing yourself in the gym isn’t for everyone and it certainly takes a special kind of will power to be absolutely committed in that way. And to maintain that kind of growth this probably doesn’t apply to you, but to the average, a healthy non-processed foods diet can really change your life. Ditch ALL sugars or as much as you can! That’s the real killer.

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Blog #52- Everyday May Not Be A Good Day, But There’s Good In Everyday!

Wakeup!!! Everyday may not be good, as they say, but there is good in everyday. Find that moment, isolate it, and remember it. Instead of thinking of the bad, or feeling like you may be drowning in the bad, remember this: the bad is just a hurdle. If you don’t actually get up and move, jump over that fuckin’ thing how do you expect to deal with it? Are you letting it just deal with you? Fuck no. Get up, smile, kiss and hug the one’s you love, do some squats and push ups get the blood flowing, yell “Ho Ho Ho” at the top of your lungs in YOUR own home, and mitigate any bad that comes your way by starting your day feeling excellent. It’s about living by being proactive, not living by being reactive. Don’t let the good slip because you ruminate about the bad. 
We have lost so many good people and pets alike this year, and it’s easy to fall into the slip and just peddle around dragging feet. And it would be your right to do so. But that decision is where the change gets made. 
Love most of you!!!! A whole heck of a lot!!! The rest? kinda sorta!!! You guys are all awesome to a degree!

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Blog #51- Self Care Is A Necessity!

Wakeup: What do you guys do for self care? The maintenance of yourself? If I was to ask, what your number one asset is would you say your house? Or your car? Or would you look deeper and say my ability to create an income and provide for my family? 

If so, what is it you do to maintain a solid foundation in your life that doesn’t contrast your values, moral compass or maybe even compromise your health. 

How does stress and anxiety play a role? 
For me, my routine is the same as always; Wakeup at 5am, hit a few rounds of some exercises to get the blood flowing, kickback a bulletproof coffee while reading and writing and reflecting (on yesterday) and predicting (on today). 

I goal set everyday from all avenues in my life. I goal set for what I want to accomplish at work today, I goal set what I’m going to eat today, what time I’m going to go to bed at, what my evening is going to look like and so on. I’ll try and get to the gym at least every other day but that is literally to help my body produce energy and provides a conducive way to rid anxiety levels from outside forces coming in. 

In order to be your absolute best and keep mindful of your goals and ambitions I believe that success comes from 2 facets. Without getting too preachy in what I’m doing in terms of lifestyle (I won’t say Ketogenic! Damn just did) but let’s go even low carb, keeping your insulin levels down so that you can have brain clarity to think clearer (which is true about lowering your intake of carbs/sugar). The 2nd is prioritizing your life. Having things that you do that make you happy should be there. Having a balance between life and work load should be there too. 
I know so many people that work all the time, have no life outside of busting their asses and sleeping, that impending doom is not just a joke they talk about. No… it’s more of a premonition. 

I have a Reiki session I’m going to tonight, I haven’t been in months. Getting a chance to clear and hopefully rid myself of some spiritual heaviness I’m carrying helps realign my thoughts and thus I become more productive and back to being more self aware and mindful. If not, I’m living in a haze… 

Always know WHY you matter, and for the things you do for others in life, please know we appreciate it. We all are connected and we need to make a better effort of actually connecting! Social media isn’t connecting. Scrolling a newsfeed isn’t connecting. Conversing with each other is connecting. Engagement is connecting. If you read something and it resonates with you, we are on the same frequency my friends. It means I want to connect with you! Message me and let me know how your shit is going. If there’s anything I can do to make it better let me know. Talk! Don’t be a shadow in the background just watching. Be engaged. I’m listening. I hear you. I feel you. I love mostly all of you!

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Blog #50 – Treat Food Like Bits of Info

Wakeup: One of the things we do to ourselves is treat our food as fuel. We count calories in and try to calculate calories out constantly. Eastern practices tend to get what food actually does. Which is kind of like treating food like little bits of information, or data. Food is essentially a program. Their DNA contains instructions sets which make them what they are but they communicate Information to our body, developing these pathways that either prolong good health, or do the opposite depending on what we eat. Once we understand that food equals information, it becomes more about controlling the message. The food that you eat programs your body to react and respond. And by extension the food that you don’t eat also has a similar effect. I’m reading that gut health is going to prove to be incredibly important in the tell tale signs of these pathways.

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Blog# 49 – Mornings vs Evenings Intro

Monday Wakeup: slept in today. Had a great weekend with family and friends, errands and appointments. Woke up today at 5:45am, got my 25squats/25 pushups/inchworms outta the way. Write a bit, read a bit. But mainly today is all about a tight diet. And as well know right diets need to be tighter in the evenings. This is because insulin rises throughout the day and naturally spikes after after about 12 or more hours of being awake. So programming yourself to not snack in the evening is tough but look at it as you have this one window in the day that you must not cave. The evening…. this gets easier and easier to do as you lower your insulin. Fat storage on our bodies are behind a wall of insulin. If you lower your insulin the fat will melt off your body. Simple as that. Of course there are many ways to do this, but try to avoid calorie counting and never sacrifice nutrient dense foods for something that may be lower in cals or processed or both! Sugar addiction is real. And I’ve uncovered most pro sugar studies or anti-high fat studies are written by the people who are directly sponsored by a opposing company or worse yet, someone who just is choosing not to believe the science that is there because it didn’t work for them and then you come to find out they didn’t even bother to do it properly. It’s important to ask questions it’s important to audit your food journals and figure out what you are doing and the WHY. Understand how fasting works and why. Know why you are doing the keto diet and the other benefits. The science…it’s out there.

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Blog#48 – Honest Question, How Much Do You Tolerate?


Things are getting good. 

I think to myself, I can either keep thinking about every thing I need to do in life in order to get what I want, and just keep thinking about it yet what actually changes?
But in the end it’s tolerance….it keeps going based on how much you are willing to tolerate. It isn’t what you want in life that gives you change. It’s what you MUST have in life that forces the change. The tolerance is no longer something you are willing to accept. In that moment, you have to look at the seconds and minutes and hours that pass you by, you have to decide whether those moment were important or not, for you to waste. Have you heard the term every second counts? What that means is, in all honesty you will have to decide whether those minutes and hours and days and years were worth wasting? Did your dreams and passion ignite you or bury you? If you wanted something bad enough, when shit got south for you in those moments that is where you grow if you can just push through. But if you fall behind, or stay in place you lag behind more and more and nothing happens. Such is life. 
The moments we share with family are the most important things we can do, and be apart of, yet we are always so preoccupied with so many things, and what does all that matter? Really, is it the bullshit in your head that keeps us down? Do you feel like your dreams are chained up? Your goals are slowly burning away? Do you keep thinking about things that don’t change? Do you waste the moments you do have by thinking about all the things you need to start doing tomorrow? 
Get after it. Get into the grind and grow. 
Do what makes you happy. Is it more important to do what makes you happy instantly? Or is it more important to know that what you do will bring you happiness long term? 
Don’t throw away moments that can be used to further yourself.

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Blog#47 – Keep Your Focus Narrow

Wakeup: Determination is the difference of where you are and where you want to be. We all know that I feel. 
Good things are coming our way, just stay narrow focused, keep consistent and live today as if you have everything you need in life. Know that we either spend our time doing things for other people, or we do things for ourselves or we spend entirely way too much time thinking about what we should be doing, usually to better ourselves. The thinking aspect is just tapping the surface and not really doing much. The doing is what will get you progress, coupled with the consistency. 
Remember, the more consistent you are, the more narrow your focus is, the more your accomplishments will begin to emerge. The more you will notice BiG BiG change. And that’s where I want to be. 

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Blog #46 – Goals * Goals * Goals

5am Wakeup: (nice and short)

Figure out your goals and your dreams. 
Organize them and figure out the path towards them and do what needs to be done. Plan and execute. Is this time spent living, by dodging responsibilities and waiting for things to happen? Are you waking up each day still wondering what life could be like if you did this? Or did that? Or had this or that? 
Remember a time when all you wanted from life is what you have right now? 
Work towards the goals and dont stop. How? For starters, try needing the love of everyone else less for a short while and start loving yourself more.
Right now I’m dealing with a lot as we all are, I never want to up-play my own problems over anyone else’s, but whatever is going on in my life no matter how heavy or light I have to be grateful for it all. I’ve said it before, the hurdles in life are tests. We all have to go through some sort of metamorphosis. We have to take what we know and apply it in this lifetime. If we don’t, we are wasting away. Don’t be someone that lets all the things in life they wanted to do become those things in your mind that breed regret instead. Asking for help is never a weakness. Sitting on our butts doing nothing is. What are our choices like? What are our behaviours like? 
How to get over a stall? How to get over that treacherous mentality of, “ive been working so hard but see no results yet, fuck this…” i think it means you have trouble trusting the process. And that’s all. Trust in it, and do it. 
Started today off with: squats, planks, inchworms, pushups, stretching, and mindful meditation. I have a big day today and preparing for it is key. Plus the nerves go away and get replaced with confidence. 

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are either chasing, or currently crushing your goals. I’m right there with you, doing the same thing. A little bit of chasing and a little bit of crushing. For all we know, today is all we got.

A simple goal to give you an example, is take the idea of wanting to write a book for instance. Quite a lofty goal indeed, but…. Start by breaking down how many words does a book generally have on average, then wake up at 5am everyday and start writing, and figure out what a daily word count would be in order to hit that mark in a month or two. and try and hit that goal every morning for 30-60 days. Not only will you have completed a book (ok maybe a very interesting journal of sorts if not a book itself but something to be proud of), you will have lost weight as well and gotten into a mindset that will help you achieve your days.

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Blog #45 – 5am Wakeup – Pay No Attention To The Folks That Want You To Lose

“The pain that comes from discipline is weighed in ounces, where the pain that comes from regret is weighed in tons. The more you suffer today, the stronger you’ll be tomorrow.” 

Get your weekend on! Enjoy the weather, and hit me up let me know how you all are doing! 

I just want to say I’m grateful for the friendships here. The question I posed the other day, about “if anyone is silently hurting, to reach out and talk” — I am supremely honored by the amount of responses I received that day. I took the time to have conversations with every last person that messaged me. 

I’m so grateful you all took the time to talk. Get things off your chests. The heavier that shit is, the more it zaps the person you used to be, right out of you. So I hope those people woke up the next day with a sense of ease or at least a release of sorts. 

Remember, you can’t live the life you were meant to live by holding on to the things that stop you from growing. You control how you choose to react to things that are said that keep you down. People that “hate” aren’t even in the game. 
So pay no attention. 

Cheers !!!

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Blog #44 – 5am Wakeup – Let’s See What You’re Made Of!

For the last week or so, I purposely threw my routine off, completely! To see if I could get back into it, with a bit of difficulty and discipline. 
Test myself and see where I’m at, truly. Can I reign it in? I think so. I have to. Lol otherwise what I’m doing is just crazy! 

I’ve started writing a new book. It’s a three part kids book. 
Sounds silly, but having watched my kids grow this week and seeing their creative minds unfiltered and surging with electricity of ideas I’m becoming deeply influenced by them right now. 

My music industry book update is this: I’m awaiting some feedback from a publishing company, there are two others interested and I’m using this week to really think about what I am going to do and which direction I’ll head into with a partner for this book release. 

Gypsy Chief Goliath FINALLY getting back at it with rehearsals and shows! More dates to be announced but for now we are in London Aug. 10th at Call The Office.
Aug. 17th in Trenton playing a motorcycle rally out there. And we are solidifying a Windsor show for early Sept. 
Work is incredibly busy right now and it’s good problems to have. Actually the best problems to have. Right?!!! 
Started to really pay more attention to my mood right now as the routine has been thrown so far off it’s not even funny. 

I’m grounding myself through a few different podcasts, and long walks. Start off with meditation then a swim. Reading and then write a chapter. A few dynamite exercises that WORK , have my bulletproof coffee a little later in morning rather than at 5am. Primarily because I’ve been waking up at 7:30am each day this week. 

My birthday is this coming Monday July 22nd. I turn 39 years old. I’m so close and on point to achieving my goals before 40. That was the intention. Last year I said 2 years to wrap up all the bullshit that’s been lingering, reignite old friendships with people that really meant a lot to me growing up. Mentally and physically be on absolute fire and ready to engage with the future, at a pure optimal level of being. 
There is no waiting for me…. it’s now.