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Blog #62-Experimenting On Maintenance

Wakeup: (it’s taking me longer these days to write after waking up, as I’m experimenting and trying new things. They are taking up more of my time and I’m not convinced it’s the most efficient routine so the tweaking begins) but….

Write down a list of baggage. Meaning, the things in life you classify as issues that you know you need to address but may not want to, as it’s supremely heavy and intense to handle. Or they may just be little tweaks in your life that could be made to adjust to adjust to smoother sailing. 
Now figure out what on that list you would want to change about yourself, and what can you live with, and without. Learn to address the issues. (If you say lose weight but not ditch the emotional eating you still may not be getting it.) remember to focus not on the symptom of the issue but on the issue itself. connect to your emotional eating and solve that, and you will lose the weight. Stop eating to sooth and eat to fuel is a mindset, but it’s a mindset that goes in tandem development with identifying of emotional eating. Again, the weight is the byproduct from the emotions. It is all domino effect for change. 
Remember to challenge yourself each day with something you can work on and strive to be better at. For me, it’s posture. So I challenge myself to work daily on my posture. Little by little it improves because I’ve identified it and I work on it. So I double that up with my reading in the morning and it means if I work on my posture while reading, if one of these things gets done, it means both are getting done. If I practice being more mindful, then I double that up with my eating for the day and I attach the mindfulness to my eating habits and I become more self aware daily and I think about stuff more and not be so automatic. Or I will double it with some yoga and just be aware of the breathing and the stretch, and that means both are getting done (the yoga and the mindfulness). When I get shit done I feel better overall because I know each day is being used to strive to be better than the last – thus change happens. Try it for just two whole weeks…you can do anything for two weeks.