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Blog #60- The Fasting Setup

Wakeup: been asked a lot about Fasting and I.F Fasting in the different groups I write in. So figured I’d use this as a post as well. I’ve read as much info and data as I possibly could to really understand the process about a year ago and I’ve used this as my own tool for support in success. 
Fasting and intermittent fasting are so important to weight loss success because it affects and activates the two most powerful hormones in the body: 

1. It raises growth hormone which is known as the anti aging hormone, you produce this in droves when fasting it protects your muscle tissue and keeps you feeling young.

2. And the 2nd is is it lowers insulin which is such a powerful hormone that it will actually help you store fat if you want to gain weight (the higher it is), which isnt really helpful. 

Fasting helps lower your insulin (in conjunction with the Keto diet) in the presence of insulin you just cannot lose weight it’s such a dominating hormone that you fast to keep it low so that the receptors in the body that trigger the mechanism to lose weight continues to work properly. Think about it logically. If you are fat adapted and you fast you are able to go longer and increase your endurance and energy because your body is utilizing fat for energy and we start to get thinner and are losing real fat due to sugar storage depletion, so the kody switches over. But the more you eat you constantly keep your insulin levels up. Thus enabling you to lose anything. In fact you’ll be gaining now. 

Think about this: 

These are the two most dominant hormones that get influenced by fasting. 

What exactly happens ? This:
When you are eating sugar your insulin spikes. And as longs as you have sugar in you, minutes later you need more. high insulin blocks the ability to tell if you are full or hungry. And it blocks the ability to lose weight. So you keep eating more!!!! Thus creating even more insulin! Your body is pumping out WAY more insulin then your body can handle so you get fat and all these other complication occur. The body is supposed to be a two way communication but because insulin is so dominant when you spike it’s only one way when gaining.