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Blog #59 – Solutions To Problems Are Greater Level of Thinking Than it Took To Get There

Wakeup: a nice quick and effective one today! Paradigm Shifts… 
Albert Einstein observed, the significant problems we face in our lives, all the challenges we go through and tend to suffer with, cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. 

Rather than empowering negative energy, side step that shit generate positive energy and try processing as much of the things in your life you can on a deeper more thoughtful level. 

For instance, growth and progress starts within. Silent victories will precede public ones no matter what, when it comes to building character. Take time to reflect. Close your eyes focus on your breath. Think of what you want out of life. Don’t surround that thought with doubt either. Surround it with the belief as though you’ve already achieved it. And go for it. Seriously. Figure out a timeline and figure out miniature victories along the way that can keep you goal focused and on track. Don’t lose hope. Be as positive as you fuckin possibly can be. Your positive state in tough times will be what pulled you through and get you further. 
Stop overestimating others and underestimating yourselves. You are great, you got this, we all do. 
Cheers to a great Thursday! 
Started today with bulletproof coffee, reading and writing, did some deep breathing, goal focusing and rehab stretches, squats, inchworms, planks. 
Today is gong to be pretty fuckin easy as I am nearing completion on the toughest part of my day.