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Blog #58 – Stand On Top Of The Mountain, The View Is Incredible (So I Hear)

Wakeup: What if everything you wanted was up that hill, and all you had to do was climb? But you knew things would get difficult and instead of the moment those things became difficult to achieve, you don’t quit and instead you actually keep moving. Keep solving, keep working towards it. You see, the universe isn’t trying to tell you that because things are hard it just wasn’t in the cards for you. It’s trying to provide you the right level of difficulty to come up with an opportunity to overcome. Overcome and battle on. The greater the goal, the harder the obstacles. The reason is, these obstacles are designed by the universe to equip you with the right amount of humility, courage, work ethic to not just achieve your dreams, but to keep them. If you didn’t have to overcome adversity towards your goals, then those goals probably weren’t meant for you to keep. You may revert back to square one. Especially if you go through the motions and take the achievements for granted and call them easy. If it’s hard, you’re more likely to stay on track and keep it once you’ve achieved it. Climbing is not easy, and if you don’t have experience doing it, it will be especially difficult. But how you do it, is by breaking it off into sections and understanding that each sections have it’s own dangers and treacherous terrain, and if you are not equipped with the right amount of techniques and work ethic to make it, you’ll fail. But it’s only failure when you’ve quit. Each failure is not taken as a loss, until you stop. So just don’t stop. Keep moving, keep climbing people. The climb is the journey. WE’re all on our own climb. We’re all on our own mountain. Each one looks different some are higher and some aren’t. That’s just how it goes I guess. But we compare ourselves to each other all the time, and we just can’t. It doesn’t make much sense. The strength you get from your climb, will be the skills develop in real time on the way to achieving your goals. Don’t be pissed off that things are hard, remember, they’re hard because they have to be. Otherwise you will take the achievements for granted. 
Love you guys! Cheers, and happy Tuesday. 
*Leaving this here to remind myself that sometimes I climb a mountain that’s not even supposed to be the one for me. I have to follow my path, but the path that the voice inside me says to follow, not the one that exterior voices say we should be on.