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Blog #53 – Your Body Weight Set Point Is A Real Thing!

WAKEUP: I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research on body weight, calories in and calories out, the burning of calories for energy and why this is the way it is…. and what the truth is and here’s what’s up, everyone has a natural body weight set point. That is the weight in number, that your body is MOST comfortable at. For someone obese it’s higher set point than someone that is thin. When someone thin tries to gain weight, say they started out at 155 lbs and want to get to 180 lbs for example… what happens is they have to work really really hard to gain that weight. They can eat as much as they want and the body will still try to fight it and burn that excess over feeding off to get back to set point. This is why thin folks normally have a hard time gaining . If they don’t, and it came quite easy then they were actually under their weight set point for that time at 155, and it’s actually maybe somewhere near 170 lbs. same can be said for someone obese. But just in the opposite reflection. Since losing weight reduces total energy expenditure, many obese people assume they have a slow metabolism, but it’s quite the opposite. Leaner people cannot burn energy as fast as bigger people because their body weight set point is too low. The problem with heavier folks is the set point is too high. Suppose you weigh 300 lbs, and by a calorie restriction diet we briefly lose some weight and get to 285 lbs after some hard work. If the body set weight is at 300, your body will try to regain the lost weight by stimulating appetite. Grehlin is increased, and the satiety hormones become suppressed. (Grehlin is an appetite hormone. Grehlin is super high means you are hungry beyond belief) at the same time, the body will decrease its total energy expense. Metabolism begins shutting down, body temp drops, heart rate drops, blood pressure too, all in a desperate attempt to conserve energy. Unfortunately the result almost always comes back to regaining the weight and more, past the original set point because when you restrict calories the body wants to make sure it never goes into that mode again. Fundamentally at its core this is what homeostasis looks like when it’s at work, the set point of the body. 
The real challenge is knowing what calories to put in your body. You dont have to restrict caloric intake to lose weight. In fact you shouldn’t. You have to eat the right caloric (nutritionally dense foods) that help aid you in keeping your insulin levels lower, thus not spiking and blocking the satiety receptors like Leptin which is the hormone that makes you feel full as fuck). 
Intermittent fasting and a low carb or keto/paleo lifestyle can support that goal.  
Killing yourself in the gym isn’t for everyone and it certainly takes a special kind of will power to be absolutely committed in that way. And to maintain that kind of growth this probably doesn’t apply to you, but to the average, a healthy non-processed foods diet can really change your life. Ditch ALL sugars or as much as you can! That’s the real killer.