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Blog #52- Everyday May Not Be A Good Day, But There’s Good In Everyday!

Wakeup!!! Everyday may not be good, as they say, but there is good in everyday. Find that moment, isolate it, and remember it. Instead of thinking of the bad, or feeling like you may be drowning in the bad, remember this: the bad is just a hurdle. If you don’t actually get up and move, jump over that fuckin’ thing how do you expect to deal with it? Are you letting it just deal with you? Fuck no. Get up, smile, kiss and hug the one’s you love, do some squats and push ups get the blood flowing, yell “Ho Ho Ho” at the top of your lungs in YOUR own home, and mitigate any bad that comes your way by starting your day feeling excellent. It’s about living by being proactive, not living by being reactive. Don’t let the good slip because you ruminate about the bad. 
We have lost so many good people and pets alike this year, and it’s easy to fall into the slip and just peddle around dragging feet. And it would be your right to do so. But that decision is where the change gets made. 
Love most of you!!!! A whole heck of a lot!!! The rest? kinda sorta!!! You guys are all awesome to a degree!