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Blog #51- Self Care Is A Necessity!

Wakeup: What do you guys do for self care? The maintenance of yourself? If I was to ask, what your number one asset is would you say your house? Or your car? Or would you look deeper and say my ability to create an income and provide for my family? 

If so, what is it you do to maintain a solid foundation in your life that doesn’t contrast your values, moral compass or maybe even compromise your health. 

How does stress and anxiety play a role? 
For me, my routine is the same as always; Wakeup at 5am, hit a few rounds of some exercises to get the blood flowing, kickback a bulletproof coffee while reading and writing and reflecting (on yesterday) and predicting (on today). 

I goal set everyday from all avenues in my life. I goal set for what I want to accomplish at work today, I goal set what I’m going to eat today, what time I’m going to go to bed at, what my evening is going to look like and so on. I’ll try and get to the gym at least every other day but that is literally to help my body produce energy and provides a conducive way to rid anxiety levels from outside forces coming in. 

In order to be your absolute best and keep mindful of your goals and ambitions I believe that success comes from 2 facets. Without getting too preachy in what I’m doing in terms of lifestyle (I won’t say Ketogenic! Damn just did) but let’s go even low carb, keeping your insulin levels down so that you can have brain clarity to think clearer (which is true about lowering your intake of carbs/sugar). The 2nd is prioritizing your life. Having things that you do that make you happy should be there. Having a balance between life and work load should be there too. 
I know so many people that work all the time, have no life outside of busting their asses and sleeping, that impending doom is not just a joke they talk about. No… it’s more of a premonition. 

I have a Reiki session I’m going to tonight, I haven’t been in months. Getting a chance to clear and hopefully rid myself of some spiritual heaviness I’m carrying helps realign my thoughts and thus I become more productive and back to being more self aware and mindful. If not, I’m living in a haze… 

Always know WHY you matter, and for the things you do for others in life, please know we appreciate it. We all are connected and we need to make a better effort of actually connecting! Social media isn’t connecting. Scrolling a newsfeed isn’t connecting. Conversing with each other is connecting. Engagement is connecting. If you read something and it resonates with you, we are on the same frequency my friends. It means I want to connect with you! Message me and let me know how your shit is going. If there’s anything I can do to make it better let me know. Talk! Don’t be a shadow in the background just watching. Be engaged. I’m listening. I hear you. I feel you. I love mostly all of you!