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Blog# 49 – Mornings vs Evenings Intro

Monday Wakeup: slept in today. Had a great weekend with family and friends, errands and appointments. Woke up today at 5:45am, got my 25squats/25 pushups/inchworms outta the way. Write a bit, read a bit. But mainly today is all about a tight diet. And as well know right diets need to be tighter in the evenings. This is because insulin rises throughout the day and naturally spikes after after about 12 or more hours of being awake. So programming yourself to not snack in the evening is tough but look at it as you have this one window in the day that you must not cave. The evening…. this gets easier and easier to do as you lower your insulin. Fat storage on our bodies are behind a wall of insulin. If you lower your insulin the fat will melt off your body. Simple as that. Of course there are many ways to do this, but try to avoid calorie counting and never sacrifice nutrient dense foods for something that may be lower in cals or processed or both! Sugar addiction is real. And I’ve uncovered most pro sugar studies or anti-high fat studies are written by the people who are directly sponsored by a opposing company or worse yet, someone who just is choosing not to believe the science that is there because it didn’t work for them and then you come to find out they didn’t even bother to do it properly. It’s important to ask questions it’s important to audit your food journals and figure out what you are doing and the WHY. Understand how fasting works and why. Know why you are doing the keto diet and the other benefits. The science…it’s out there.