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Blog #46 – Goals * Goals * Goals

5am Wakeup: (nice and short)

Figure out your goals and your dreams. 
Organize them and figure out the path towards them and do what needs to be done. Plan and execute. Is this time spent living, by dodging responsibilities and waiting for things to happen? Are you waking up each day still wondering what life could be like if you did this? Or did that? Or had this or that? 
Remember a time when all you wanted from life is what you have right now? 
Work towards the goals and dont stop. How? For starters, try needing the love of everyone else less for a short while and start loving yourself more.
Right now I’m dealing with a lot as we all are, I never want to up-play my own problems over anyone else’s, but whatever is going on in my life no matter how heavy or light I have to be grateful for it all. I’ve said it before, the hurdles in life are tests. We all have to go through some sort of metamorphosis. We have to take what we know and apply it in this lifetime. If we don’t, we are wasting away. Don’t be someone that lets all the things in life they wanted to do become those things in your mind that breed regret instead. Asking for help is never a weakness. Sitting on our butts doing nothing is. What are our choices like? What are our behaviours like? 
How to get over a stall? How to get over that treacherous mentality of, “ive been working so hard but see no results yet, fuck this…” i think it means you have trouble trusting the process. And that’s all. Trust in it, and do it. 
Started today off with: squats, planks, inchworms, pushups, stretching, and mindful meditation. I have a big day today and preparing for it is key. Plus the nerves go away and get replaced with confidence. 

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are either chasing, or currently crushing your goals. I’m right there with you, doing the same thing. A little bit of chasing and a little bit of crushing. For all we know, today is all we got.

A simple goal to give you an example, is take the idea of wanting to write a book for instance. Quite a lofty goal indeed, but…. Start by breaking down how many words does a book generally have on average, then wake up at 5am everyday and start writing, and figure out what a daily word count would be in order to hit that mark in a month or two. and try and hit that goal every morning for 30-60 days. Not only will you have completed a book (ok maybe a very interesting journal of sorts if not a book itself but something to be proud of), you will have lost weight as well and gotten into a mindset that will help you achieve your days.