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Blog #44 – 5am Wakeup – Let’s See What You’re Made Of!

For the last week or so, I purposely threw my routine off, completely! To see if I could get back into it, with a bit of difficulty and discipline. 
Test myself and see where I’m at, truly. Can I reign it in? I think so. I have to. Lol otherwise what I’m doing is just crazy! 

I’ve started writing a new book. It’s a three part kids book. 
Sounds silly, but having watched my kids grow this week and seeing their creative minds unfiltered and surging with electricity of ideas I’m becoming deeply influenced by them right now. 

My music industry book update is this: I’m awaiting some feedback from a publishing company, there are two others interested and I’m using this week to really think about what I am going to do and which direction I’ll head into with a partner for this book release. 

Gypsy Chief Goliath FINALLY getting back at it with rehearsals and shows! More dates to be announced but for now we are in London Aug. 10th at Call The Office.
Aug. 17th in Trenton playing a motorcycle rally out there. And we are solidifying a Windsor show for early Sept. 
Work is incredibly busy right now and it’s good problems to have. Actually the best problems to have. Right?!!! 
Started to really pay more attention to my mood right now as the routine has been thrown so far off it’s not even funny. 

I’m grounding myself through a few different podcasts, and long walks. Start off with meditation then a swim. Reading and then write a chapter. A few dynamite exercises that WORK , have my bulletproof coffee a little later in morning rather than at 5am. Primarily because I’ve been waking up at 7:30am each day this week. 

My birthday is this coming Monday July 22nd. I turn 39 years old. I’m so close and on point to achieving my goals before 40. That was the intention. Last year I said 2 years to wrap up all the bullshit that’s been lingering, reignite old friendships with people that really meant a lot to me growing up. Mentally and physically be on absolute fire and ready to engage with the future, at a pure optimal level of being. 
There is no waiting for me…. it’s now.