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Blog #43 – 5am Wakeup – All About The Mindfulness Baby!

5am Wakeup:
Trying to be as mindful as possible. Being aware and conscious in the moment while tuning into the focus of the here and the now. 

Using the mornings to practice all the present moment living I can handle, because it spills into the rest of my day. When I catch myself drifting off into another thought and realize I’m not mindful of the moment and seconds that I’m living in, I try to draw it back to that. And this happens more than I’d like to admit. Reading about Zen Philosophy a bit, and it’s quite fascinating… 

For instance, when I write I tend to drift in and out and then sometimes I’ll start thinking too far ahead and witness myself worrying about the stressors of my day and that stuff isn’t even going to be happening until a few hours from now! 

At this point I have a choice. I can sit and waste my present moment thinking about things that haven’t happened yet and prepare myself with negative response and build up a fraudulent belief that I can’t do this or can’t do that, no…Rather, I step back and focus on the breathing, my thoughts of the words that are coming out and I literally close my eyes and focus on the words to my fingers connected to the keyboard and what’s appearing on the screen and BAM I’m back in it. Being mindful and aware. 

I wake up at 5am so that I can take care of myself and do the things in my life I need to do to be a better version of myself for everyone around me. That includes my wife, my kids, my parents, my work, my clients, my colleagues, my band, and most of all myself (in so many forms!)

It occurred to me that by the evening I have a routine of winding down once the kids are in bed. I don’t want to carve out “alone” time to write and read and exercise and practice etc…etc…. I just don’t. I want to kick back watch a movie and hang out with my wife until we head off to bed. I want to use my evenings to worry less about tomorrow and just prepare for a good nights sleep. 

The morning is what I take for myself to get ready for everyone else in the land of flying shit! Like I said, if I wake up to the sound of screaming kids and hungry Whiny cats, and dishes clanging in the sink, and yelling through the house for everyone to start getting ready, I’m honestly setting my day up for absolute and total failure. I have so many negative frequencies plowing through my nervous system that I’m on edge and now worried about the day’s load of crap ahead of me. 

So I wake up before everyone to focus on me first. That way when everyone else slowly gets up I’m ready for them all. I’m ready to be he best to them. And I am. 

Mindfulness is a form of animating the time in your day that seemingly means nothing. Dead air. When it’s dead air, remind yourself to come alive by the choice to focus. 

These choices and the mindfulness of the present moment is what helps aide us in decisions and choices that are beyond “no I can’t do this” or “nah I don’t want to”. Practicing these things, helps aide and support your overall goals. If you have em, go get em. No one else is going to. And time is fleeting. I’m fucking 39 already. I’ve done so much in my life and I have so much to be proud of, yet I’m 39 and While I feel I’m closer to death as each day goes by, I also feel like I haven’t done shit. That wick is lit and our time is fleeting. It’ll be gone soon. So this year I’ve made another choice. To be just like this past year. More of that please! To continue working on being the best version of me moving forward. No more being focused on what I can’t do. Double down on my strengths and go for broke!

Cheers everyone on this Wednesday. 
I just wanted to say RIP to my friend David McNevin who passed away Saturday after a battle with Cancer. My heart goes out to Nathan and his family, David was an incredible human