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Blog #42 – 5:00am Wake Up – Carving Out Your Time To Get Things Done

When I first started writing it, like anyone that is about to write a book I cracked my knuckles, leaned back into my chair and started twirling a pencil while staring at a blank screen. A blank piece of paper, and of course… a blank mental slate. I had nothing to say, nothing to recall, and after approximately 5 pages in the can, I started telling EVERYONE “Hey! I’m writing a book!!! See? Look – 5 pages already!!!” 

Then days would turn to weeks….Weeks would turn to months…. And hell, let’s go even further – months would then turn into years. And from there (yup there’s more), the years would turn into “I better shut the fuck up, and not talk about the book anymore because I’ve only written 5 pages!” 

About 10 months ago I buckled down and told myself I was going to churn out this book if it kills me. Where perspective started to change for me, was when I began focusing on my chapters as miniature lessons, or articles. I broke it all down into something I could handle. I realized that when I look at a bigger picture in a general conceptual way, the product looks complete in my head. But it hasn’t even been created yet. But the appearance of completion in my mind was almost enough for me to quit entirely as it was totally rewarding enough to just see the final product in my mind. (I hope that doesn’t sound too weird?) The doors blew wide open once I took that realization, sliced it into a pie, and took it one piece at a time. 5 pages within days quickly turned into 111 pages, and not to mention an entirely new focus on life to boot. 

I finally stepped out of my head and took a look around. I saw a lot of people I admire and respect doing a lot of good. Not just for themselves, but others as well. I got the impression that life to them, was giving them everything they wanted because they stopped asking for it, and started giving themselves to others in a way where nothing in return was expected – whatsoever. So I began doing the same. 

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the past year. I felt the hellish heat of pressure, and the stress and panic of impending doom from growing old and feeling like I’ve done absolutely nothing with my life. The anticipation to complete the things in my life that I set out to do, was further crippling my ability to focus. 

The best advice I could give anybody about anything is: 

Opportunities & Networking:
-“it’s NOT who you know, it’s WHO IS WILLING TO SAY THEY KNOW YOU!” 

Health & Wellness:
-“If you want something bad enough, you better stop asking for it, and start taking the first steps in creating a domino effect that will lead to bigger change.”

Carve out your time. No one will do that for you. So if it requires you to get up a little earlier, do it. If it requires you to go to bed a little later, do it. The next big thing is out there, and the next big change in your life (or mine) is out there too…. The only disclaimer to that is, it will only happen when you bend the time and execute what you create. 

My goal is to get into the best shape of my life (mentally and physically) before 40. I have 1 more year after this. 
My next goal is to audit all my past goals and review them and examine where I failed and why.

If life is really a journey, and it’s meant to be full of continuous learning, and adventure and evolution and growth etc…. Then let’s make the future our bitch by forging a path to it, starting today. 

Week is almost done! Happy Thursday everyone!