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Blog #40 – 5:00am Wake Up – FASTING

Fasting info (for those interested) There’s two states you can be in when starting to fast. 

1.) you’re not doing the Ketogenic diet so you’re not in ketosis. Fasting is gong to be very hard for you. 
Because those first couple of days you first have to get into ketosis. And as everybody knows even on a Ketogenic diet fasting can be challenging. So once you get through that keto flu phase you are fat adapted, and less glucose adapted, so now you’re primed and ready for fasting. You have to have your glycogen depleted so you draw down first on all your storage of glucose, so if you can do this during the process f getting into ketosis you don’t lose any days of using fat for fuel while beginning fasting. Otherwise those first few days can be quite daunting. Glycogen is where water weight sits. So when I say depleting glycogen storage first it just means you begin to lose your water weight first and it’s the temporary storage for glucose. There isn’t much of it in there only about a days worth. So deplete that first and then off to the races of fat storage. Remember, that the beauty of fat storage is that it doesn’t care where it comes from in the body. When you are fasting , a good way to remember what you’re doing is to remind yourself when not eating your body is literally burning the donuts you ate from a decade ago let alone what you put in your body yesterday. So long as you’re in ketosis you are burning the fat right from your body. 

2.) the second state is your body burns carbs for fuel. So when you fast at that point, the idea is to trigger your body’s glycogen storage to deplete that first (just like on keto) then with no food in the system your body will be forced to start burning fat. A fast while being carb burner will trigger ketosis. A mild form. But still ketosis none the less.

This is why some disciplined carb burners can fast for several days and claim they don’t do keto. But they are in ketosis nonetheless. But just know as stated above doing it this way (fading while being glucose burning) is completely an inefficient way of utilizing that fat burning mechanism so it just makes more sense to go keto full time and enjoy the benefits of eating fats to lose weight even when you’re not fasting. And the other thing is, carb burning then fasting, is just going to be extremely difficult in nature as our bodies from an ancestral point of view all ate fat when it was available then would fast during certain times of animal scarcity and would have to rely on other sources being nuts, and berries. (Hence why you can eat those on a Ketogenic diet) Low in sugar and rich with fatty oils respectively. And because your body is fat fuel burning you can go longer on fasts and actually feel more energized and alert then you already are. Remember the reason we get fat was so we could store energy for when we had no food. So you can only burn that off when your Body is in a state of ketosis. This is the right way of eating.

(Fasting resource comes from The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung.)