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Blog #39 – 5:00am Wake Up – KETO Edition CONT’d

Nothing to fear here!!! Most people that test their ketones with urine strips almost never seem to have a high level, and this is why: 
Be cognoscente of the fact that when you’re testing your ketones via pee strips that even if you do not show any ketone levels on the strips that does not mean you aren’t in ketosis. Know that the strips measure how many ketones are LEFT in the body after being utilized. A true indicator of ketone levels is from the blood not the urine. A pee test cannot give you an accurate indicator of what’s in the blood. 

Some people worry about ketoasidosis when on keto here’s what you need to know to rest your mind at ease: our bodies on keto can create just the right amount of ketones that our bodies need for ketosis. The toxic level for ketoasidosis is upward in the 15-25 mm/per litre range. When you are burning ketones on keto diet the highest level on average our bodies can create is in the 3mm/per litre range. 

Strips only measure acito acetate that’s in the ketone. (Which is a less efficient chemical from the ketone) once you begin burning ketones like crazy and really efficiently you’ve passed level 1, and are now creating betahydroxybuterate which doesn’t get detected on strips but is the real deal. It’s what you are trying to create from your ketones that will ultimately be what aids you in weight loss. Ketone strips is a great tool to measure the level and amount your creating to monitor the level of ketones in the body. Remember in regards to strips, they are only measuring the amount of ketones that are left over, that spills out from your pee only after you hit a certain level of ketones that receive access to your blood.

You want to know this in order to not get discouraged when testing with strips. A great indicator of ketone production outside of spending money on cheap tools is if you wake up and are not starving of hunger. If you’re still losing weight. And if you fast it’s one f the most effective ways to create BHB molecule from ketones. Eating keto diet helps you train the body to stay in ketosis and continue to burn fat.

The reason why fasting is so complimentary to the keto diet is because you are training your body to use fat as fuel. If you do not fast every once in awhile to allow the body to utilize its own fat for fuel you may not lose as much as you hoped. This is just another reason why Intermittent fasting is so vital to the keto diet. they go hand in hand. Remember over eating and refusing to listen to your body, is like pouring more gas into a gas tank. Fat is a far more efficient tool then glucose. (Which is why you don’t need as much fat to feed you as you would need of carbs)