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Blog #38 – 5:00am Wake Up – KETO Edition

When I tell people that I’ve been keto for almost a year and went from 290lbs to 225lbs they always ask, what does my daily food intake look like?
When I was heavily in ketosis, I was “in” for I figure 3-4 months solid. And the way I did it was like this:

-Wake up and blend a keto-style coffee (black coffee, couple tbl spoons of heavy whipping cream, a tbl spoon of butter and mct powder blended, tastes unreal!!!) 

-2:00pm roughly I’d have celery and walnuts, or cheese and smoked sausage from the European market by my work. 

-6:00pm dinner would be cauliflower rice mixed with butter and shredded cheese, steak and an avocado. 

Then I wouldn’t eat for the rest of the night. I’d wake up the next day and have my keto-style coffee again.

-4:00pm i would warm up some beef bone broth (I ordered the bones from our local butcher shop and they saw them down for me and bag em and usually ready for pick up later that day!)

-7:00pm i would have more beef bone broth.
I would continue to fast into the next day. 
So…. I would take several days a week and call them “maintenance days” where I would fast extendedly to regenerate some cells and fix some nagging injuries due to inflammation and bloating. On average, my weekly intake became more of a 48 hrs cycle. 

Understand this though, when we are in ketosis our appetite is not as big at all, because to get there we must eat fat to satiety, meaning you don’t fear fat and you intake enough to honestly feel full and then you don’t keep eating. So I was listening to my body and the outcome was to fast on days I didn’t feel like eating. My body was fully fat adapted which means your body is now in the process of eating its own fat which by definition if you are listening to your body then you are just not hungry. 

I am now yet again trying to get back in to ketosis as I’ve been knocked out and had a hard time getting back in, mainly because I’ve hit my goal weight and I stalled myself by trying out new things and attempting to continue this keto lifestyle but sustain by trying to add calories. Now I see how much I can eat without gaining or losing, I’m back to trying a new goal so I’ve re begun the whole process again. Just because we are keto does not mean we are in ketosis all the time. Certain levels of foods and such things can knock us out easily if we do not monitor them. (Ketone levels)
This is how I do it. It’s not for everyone but I can’t wait to get back in and start losing again. I noticed my brain clarity was unbelievable in those times!