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Blog #37 – 5:00am Wake Up

5:00am Wakeup (I assure you I was in fact up at 5:00am. LOL – TRUTH!!!) 
Anyways, another short one… 

Patience. If you are building something, sometimes the best ammo to have is patience. Something great will come out of steady work, and patience. It’s long term. People that can wait it out and keep putting in the work, will win over today’s instant gratification world.

All of that distraction is very convincing. Most of us just live to get by. Some are happy, some are miserable. We can change it. We can become what we envision ourselves becoming. We just have to put in the work. And not for a day, or a week, or a month, or even a year. It needs to be the long term. You can fall off, but don’t fall off for long. Get back on and put the work in all over again. Why is it that we do the lazy mundane and foolish stuff long term, and short bursts of the things we actually want?

The long term effect of the results from good positive hard work always outweighs the negative and static shit. Why do we choose easy roads? Why can’t we flip the script and do lazy mundane things in short bursts as a way to give ourselves a break from all the hard work we’re putting in daily to better ourselves? Let’s put in the positive work long term and steadily! We have to win this. Life is short, but it’s the longest thing IN LIFE that we will do. Is to live. Nothing in our reality will be done in more time than just living. Is it because we take life truly for granted? Or maybe another reason. Or individual reasons for different people maybe? Perhaps we’re naturally wired to just be fine with it all?

But once that switch is made, I really do believe change is made…I really do choose the hard road each and every time now. I’m finding that the hard road is always more satisfying, no matter if I fail or succeed. It is extremely satisfying to know that progress is made from doing things you don’t want to do, but know that you should be doing them in order to get where you want to be. So you should just do it. Do the hard things. Make things happen. Build momentum in our lives that gets’ you to the next challenge. The next day. And so on.
I read something incredibly important to this idea and it goes: “Patience is for the long term, and speed is for the short term. The pressure that builds between the two produces the diamond.” I just loved that. 
Cheers people! it’s fuckin ‘ Friday!!!!!