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Blog #36 – 5:00am Wake Up

5:00am Wakeup:
Motivation will help determine how your day will go.
When you wake up, if you are motivated that will help your success. 
It is an exterior force pulling you. But you have to want it. 

Inspiration is internal. It has more to do with a spiritual motivation. When something is inspiring, it’s because it has touched your soul. When something is motivating it is more of a physical pull. Motivation gets you moving, inspiration gets you thinking. 
Is it motivation someone needs today? Or is it inspiration? 

How is everyone doing today? 
I’m reflecting on how grateful I am to what I already have. What I want will come later. Through hard work. I’ve realized what I’m most grateful for, the best way for me to appreciate that is to write it all down. Express my gratitude through words. So that I recall it and remember mentally where I was upon thinking of it. 
Things to watch out for: for those who are Type A personalities, we are extremely ambitious yet overly self-critical or discouraged during the process of change. That can be self-destructing at times. The desire to be something else may be greater than the gratitude of what you already have, so the imbalance begins and its characteristics are teetering in the opposite direction of your intention. So self development gets misguided and sometimes leads to depression of anxiety when things don’t come soon enough. How to mitigate the damage?
Through patience. Have a lot of it. Practice it. Win the game, not every quarter must be won. Try and disconnect from social media once in awhile, as it’s often a distraction. 

I read that if social media is a platform, we the people are the water that fills the pipes. Social media is not destroying our culture, it’s the mirror to our own bullshit. Social media shows us how fucked up we really are. And its an increasingly crowded place. It’s like proverbially living in China. We’re just all on top of each other stuffed in a digital world that is seemingly becoming smaller and smaller. Yet it’s still so vast. 
Hopefully this will motivate some. When you catch yourself aimlessly scrolling, just remember someone out there is hustling harder than you. If you’re killing time looking at people’s vacation photos, someone out there is hustling harder than you. If you have ideas and dream big, but find yourself caught up in the gears of social media – draining your energy and bringing you down, just remember…..someone out there is hustling harder than you.

Something else I read the other day that HIT ME HARD was this—….when doing all this you must decide are you going to be your authentic self or live by the persona you create. I think that is among the most important things right now. It’s extremely critical for the overall picture and how you get there. 
Cheers! Happy Tuesday!!!!! Mid week for most is almost here.