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Blog #35 – 5:00am Wake Up

5:00am WakeUp: Lately a very cool thing has been happening. If I’m talking about something that makes me nervous, or a bit uncomfortable, or perhaps discussing some fears or hurdles that my mind has put on me to avoid attaining my goals, I literally stop, think about what I just said and how I’m feeling and if I reflect quickly and notice that I’m coming in with some serious low end vibrations/frequency/energy I’m rewiring or rearranging my thoughts and looking at the perspective from another angle. And it has been working. I am not allowing myself to fall into a funk that way, and I’m not allowing negative thoughts to ruin my day.There’s nothing to be negative about. We must fail to succeed. We must fail a lot and keep going in order to truly see what we’re made of. We must help make people around us feel as awesome as we feel because we are all connected. Through that energy and vibration. We’re all connected. Has someone ever made you feel uncomfortable or “off” just by their energy? Low vibrations are coming in strong. If you’re feeling weighed down, stuffy, or heavy, you are most likely operating on a low vibration. We share those vibrations. We share that frequency spectrum. Higher level vibrations are not on that frequency. That’s why there are people out there that are unable to allow low end to interfere with their own energy. People on that level tend to avoid negativity like the plague. Because it’s true, it’s extremely contagious. WE must practice being highly intuitive. Amplify certain instincts. How do you know you’re operating at a higher vibration? Your confidence… Other people open up to you. You often find yourself giving advice to people that ask you specifically as they respect your opinion. You’re open to many different types of people. Or opportunities spontaneously open up for you. You practice living in the present and less in the past or future. Your body feels strong and healthy. You feel as though you’ve found your calling in life. You forgive easily. Self discipline. You eat less processed food as the inflammation from such foods clouds thoughts and judgements, and increases physical pain. 

Eliminating people who are constantly negative from your life, will help but it’s certainly not the answer. It is definitely an inner strength type of thing…. It sounds extremely sappy and dumb but, learning to unconditionally love yourself if essential for healing to begin. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot change. If you cannot find fulfillment in life, it is incredibly difficult to make a change. We’ve all been there, and often times as humans we teeter totter on the line of low and high constantly. This isn’t something we just have or don’t. It’s practice, and it’s never perfect. 

Some low end vibrations to watch out for: if you’re argumentative. People who love to argue. They’re toxic. If we complain a lot, if substance abuse is a massive problem, if we self-sabotage ourselves, if we primarily focus on negativity, if you struggle to feel gratitude, these are all low end traits. Keep them in mind, and try and change lanes or turn a corner when you find yourself thinking in those slumps. It’s important to feel self awareness. That is the key to understanding where you are, and how to get out of it. You must become self aware. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses. 
I’m speaking from experience. I think we all have experienced this. 
Have a lovely Thursday! We’re almost there again! End of week is upon us. End of month is here. I have a lot of amazing new things happening, opportunities have opened up for me and I’m so grateful. 
*Leaving this here to remind myself in a year from now to reassess and see if I’ve maintained and changed….Keep it up!!!*