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Blog #32 – 5:00am Wake Up

I wrote a book. It’s called: “The Mistakes I’ve Made & Experience I’ve Gained: The Bible For The Touring Musician”. I completed the manuscript several weeks back, and am now having it edited. I’ve shopped it around for a publishing company, and I’m happy to say there are two publishing companies interested in publishing the book! Several have passed on it as well. I’m working out details and negotiating (which I’m seeing is very similar to the way I used to shop for record labels – same idea). 

This is a music industry book, but more than that it’s a book about how a band can utilize their talents and individual skills each to put forth an entrepreneurial drive into the band giving them a greater advantage of being able to draw an income or perhaps even passive income in some ways. This is not a book on how to “Get big” as there are several variables and a lot of good fortune, playing odds with a few things being done right that can lead to some great success. This is a pretty raw and truthful book when it comes to ideas and ways to figure out what the hell are you supposed to do when being in a band and needing to do what you love but having no idea how to build on a larger scale. 

This is a book more about all the mistakes I have made, and how we could have monetized things better. It’s roughly 111 pages long and I’m quite proud of it. I’m announcing this now, because one way or the other, whether i come to a deal with a publisher or I self publish and start my own label to put it out, and land my own distribution deals one way or the other, it’s coming out this year. 
I am also going to be laughing my new website where I’ve moved the morning blog posts over to, and I’ve been creating content like crazy for it including an all brand new podcast!!!!

I am also embarking in a new B2B business venture, that is going to be bringing me BACK to my old clients and more! Life sure is upside down, but it’s all working out the way it is supposed to. It’s not the destination I’m concerned about. I know I’ll land where i need to be. My journey is what’s most important to me.
Lifestyle website, blog, and podcast, the book, the new album, new business venture. Positive vibes only! 
Also new show announcements to be made very soon!!!!
Cheers everyone.