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Blog #31 – 5:00am Wake Up

5:00am Wakeup!

The one asset we all really care about, but the longer we live the less we have of, is time. Yes we all have to work and yes we all have to live. The keys are definitely to be happy doing what you do, if not through your day job, then through your life’s creative works. Do something that makes you happy! If it’s to be with your family and spend that time watching your kids grow, evolve, and learn the ropes then that’s where its at. If no kids, and your happiness lies within the time spent with friends and acquaintances then THAT’s where its at.

If you spend your life working for someone else and that makes you happy, because it allows freedom, and gives you security and stability then that’s where it’s at. Do the things you love. Try and turn your career into something you love too. There is still so much time, after all it’s the only thing we have so little of, yet it’s the longest thing we’ll have in life. So do things that make you happy, accomplished, and satisfied. If you spend 1/3 of your days working, and the rest trying to mitigate the stress from a job you hate, it seems to me that is a waste of your time. Learn to love it, or move on and grab your life back and reassess what’s truly important. Feed the creative side as much nutrients as you possibly can. Give yourself the credit to create and be different. Take that creative and different path and transfer it into a real world application, and try and monetize it. See if you can make money doing what you love. Even if it’s a hobby or pass time. At least you are slowly transitioning into the person that you see that has potential to be what they want on their terms. 

What do we do with the other time away from work? How is it spent? Are we constantly just trying to relax and not worry about the job? Or? I know it’s different for everyone…. if people are happy doing what they do, I’m happy for them, and this post isn’t exactly geared to those who are doing so. This is geared towards those that fear other’s perceptions of themselves. The ones that give too many fucks about the thoughts and opinions of people who certainly don’t give a fuck about them. The ones that can hear the haters through the screen and into their soul. You are being penetrated by hate and negativity and the wrong fuckin message entirely. I read the other day, “those people bought a ticket to the arena to watch as a spectator. They aint even in the game!!! Cause if they were, they’d spend way less time hating from the sidelines, and way more time doing their thing.” 
Do you know how much amazing stuff has happened to me since I started this journey? The gratitude and appreciation I feel towards everyone is unmeasurable. I threw positivity out there, and the social networks I’m in, connected back to me in positivity making the connection strong and electric. Thank you! If you had reached out to me in negativity, I can’t tell you where I’d be right now. I’m so thankful for that. I don’t hear the negativity these days, but the frequency is felt like an earthquake. There is REAL energy between us humans, ESPECIALLY when we are ALL emitting (or transmitting) the same frequency. Please remember that. The natural born haters of this world, are going to lose regardless. So I don’t care about them. Great people, great and wild personalities I’m sure, they have their own issues to deal with as we all do though. We all live through troubling times, so for someone that is always complaining they’re emitting the frequency of that, that will not change by making that choice to not change. Waiting for a sign aint going to promote change. The work will. The attitude will. The ethos will. 
Cheers to what will be a perfectly executed Thursday. Do all the things you need to do today to get to Friday with ease and happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s celebrating this weekend. To the dad’s out there that are no longer with us, but celebrating elsewhere Happy Father’s Day to you all as well. You’re all in my thoughts. I hope you feel it.