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Blog #30 – 5:00am Wake Up

5:00am Wakeup: 
I hope we all know change is possible. It Just takes some serious mental override to take you from the fears and thrust us into the “yes” mode. We can do this. I’m peeling back the triggers right now in order to see growth and change. Once I moved my perception to another angle of my life I could see that certain decisions were dumb, I’d ask why do I fall for that?

Then I identify the trigger and begin the work. Honestly. If you know what to do but you think it’s too hard, ask yourself: has someone else overcome this situation? If so, I really believe the next action step is to find the smallest next step and just take it. Again, it’s patience. It’s taken us so many years to destroy our health, why should Chang be just around the corner? It’s in the distance! It’s the journey that we must love. It’s the process we must love. If change is to happen we must wake up with ambition and intent. If we fail we mustn’t get sad and feel helpless. We must put in hard work, follow through and have patience. No one got anywhere for free and without hard work. If they did, then they won the lottery.

We NEED that hard work to give us a sense of achievement or even failure. Both are good. One is not better than the other. We achieve and we fail on a daily basis. If you can achieve and fail within the same realm, you are doing it. You are climbing, you are learning and you are definitely evolving. The failures are becoming more potent in my life then achievements. I’m not talking about failing to do something, or feeling like a failure in life. I’m talking about getting back up after not abiding by my routine or mantra or rituals that I have now set in motion. My failures come from those moments in the day where I’m weak or tired or triggered by something that I associate with a false joy. (Short term crap that gives me no benefits long term)

This morning started off with a 5:00am wake up, bulletproof coffee, squats, pushups, planks and I’m just about to take a walk through the woods. getting the kids ready for school and out the door too. 
Then, have a few meetings today, there will be some time set aside for creative as well. 
We must destroy mid week!!!! We must destroy mid week!!!!

Get some inspiration today, remember to not think too far in advance! Having an end goal is fine but not dealing with the levels between is what’s wrong. We need to knock down the goals of today and tomorrow and keep doin great. We fail cause we planned too far in advance and didn’t factor the short term and maybe become weak and overwhelmed. If you take each day by day the failures are smaller and easier to overcome. 
Note* leaving this here so that in a year I can remind myself that it’s been two years of process and change and that’s a long time and to remember that it never comes tomorrow. If it does, then today has to be the longest fuckin day of my life.