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Blog #63-The John Huff Podcast

Attention followers: Episode #23 of the podcast is up! Tricky to do on the road, but I’ve managed to publish a great conversation about making huge personal life changes with Al ‘The Yeti’ Bones of Gypsy Chief Goliath (G.C.G.). 

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Al ‘The Yeti’ Bones is the driving force behind heavy stoner rock band Gypsy Chief Goliath. He is also a writer and podcaster, and has enjoyed a long and colourful career in the music business. 

About a year ago, The Yeti decided to make some big changes to his life, beginning with getting into his best-ever shape by age 40. Join us for an inspiring conversation about losing close to a hundred pounds on the Keto diet, physical and mental health, discipline, purpose, and catalysts for change. 

Oh, and his new book about making a career in music.

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Blog #62-Experimenting On Maintenance

Wakeup: (it’s taking me longer these days to write after waking up, as I’m experimenting and trying new things. They are taking up more of my time and I’m not convinced it’s the most efficient routine so the tweaking begins) but….

Write down a list of baggage. Meaning, the things in life you classify as issues that you know you need to address but may not want to, as it’s supremely heavy and intense to handle. Or they may just be little tweaks in your life that could be made to adjust to adjust to smoother sailing. 
Now figure out what on that list you would want to change about yourself, and what can you live with, and without. Learn to address the issues. (If you say lose weight but not ditch the emotional eating you still may not be getting it.) remember to focus not on the symptom of the issue but on the issue itself. connect to your emotional eating and solve that, and you will lose the weight. Stop eating to sooth and eat to fuel is a mindset, but it’s a mindset that goes in tandem development with identifying of emotional eating. Again, the weight is the byproduct from the emotions. It is all domino effect for change. 
Remember to challenge yourself each day with something you can work on and strive to be better at. For me, it’s posture. So I challenge myself to work daily on my posture. Little by little it improves because I’ve identified it and I work on it. So I double that up with my reading in the morning and it means if I work on my posture while reading, if one of these things gets done, it means both are getting done. If I practice being more mindful, then I double that up with my eating for the day and I attach the mindfulness to my eating habits and I become more self aware daily and I think about stuff more and not be so automatic. Or I will double it with some yoga and just be aware of the breathing and the stretch, and that means both are getting done (the yoga and the mindfulness). When I get shit done I feel better overall because I know each day is being used to strive to be better than the last – thus change happens. Try it for just two whole weeks…you can do anything for two weeks. 

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Blog #61-Effectiveness & Efficiency

Wake up: effectiveness and efficiency. 
Effectiveness is doing the things that get you closer to your goals. Chomping away and making progress. Efficiency is performing the given task in a most economical manner possible. Time management. 
Have a process, that includes both these skills. Always trying at least. Because what we will do, is infinitely more important than how it gets done.

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Blog #60- The Fasting Setup

Wakeup: been asked a lot about Fasting and I.F Fasting in the different groups I write in. So figured I’d use this as a post as well. I’ve read as much info and data as I possibly could to really understand the process about a year ago and I’ve used this as my own tool for support in success. 
Fasting and intermittent fasting are so important to weight loss success because it affects and activates the two most powerful hormones in the body: 

1. It raises growth hormone which is known as the anti aging hormone, you produce this in droves when fasting it protects your muscle tissue and keeps you feeling young.

2. And the 2nd is is it lowers insulin which is such a powerful hormone that it will actually help you store fat if you want to gain weight (the higher it is), which isnt really helpful. 

Fasting helps lower your insulin (in conjunction with the Keto diet) in the presence of insulin you just cannot lose weight it’s such a dominating hormone that you fast to keep it low so that the receptors in the body that trigger the mechanism to lose weight continues to work properly. Think about it logically. If you are fat adapted and you fast you are able to go longer and increase your endurance and energy because your body is utilizing fat for energy and we start to get thinner and are losing real fat due to sugar storage depletion, so the kody switches over. But the more you eat you constantly keep your insulin levels up. Thus enabling you to lose anything. In fact you’ll be gaining now. 

Think about this: 

These are the two most dominant hormones that get influenced by fasting. 

What exactly happens ? This:
When you are eating sugar your insulin spikes. And as longs as you have sugar in you, minutes later you need more. high insulin blocks the ability to tell if you are full or hungry. And it blocks the ability to lose weight. So you keep eating more!!!! Thus creating even more insulin! Your body is pumping out WAY more insulin then your body can handle so you get fat and all these other complication occur. The body is supposed to be a two way communication but because insulin is so dominant when you spike it’s only one way when gaining.

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Blog #59 – Solutions To Problems Are Greater Level of Thinking Than it Took To Get There

Wakeup: a nice quick and effective one today! Paradigm Shifts… 
Albert Einstein observed, the significant problems we face in our lives, all the challenges we go through and tend to suffer with, cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. 

Rather than empowering negative energy, side step that shit generate positive energy and try processing as much of the things in your life you can on a deeper more thoughtful level. 

For instance, growth and progress starts within. Silent victories will precede public ones no matter what, when it comes to building character. Take time to reflect. Close your eyes focus on your breath. Think of what you want out of life. Don’t surround that thought with doubt either. Surround it with the belief as though you’ve already achieved it. And go for it. Seriously. Figure out a timeline and figure out miniature victories along the way that can keep you goal focused and on track. Don’t lose hope. Be as positive as you fuckin possibly can be. Your positive state in tough times will be what pulled you through and get you further. 
Stop overestimating others and underestimating yourselves. You are great, you got this, we all do. 
Cheers to a great Thursday! 
Started today with bulletproof coffee, reading and writing, did some deep breathing, goal focusing and rehab stretches, squats, inchworms, planks. 
Today is gong to be pretty fuckin easy as I am nearing completion on the toughest part of my day.

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Blog #58 – Stand On Top Of The Mountain, The View Is Incredible (So I Hear)

Wakeup: What if everything you wanted was up that hill, and all you had to do was climb? But you knew things would get difficult and instead of the moment those things became difficult to achieve, you don’t quit and instead you actually keep moving. Keep solving, keep working towards it. You see, the universe isn’t trying to tell you that because things are hard it just wasn’t in the cards for you. It’s trying to provide you the right level of difficulty to come up with an opportunity to overcome. Overcome and battle on. The greater the goal, the harder the obstacles. The reason is, these obstacles are designed by the universe to equip you with the right amount of humility, courage, work ethic to not just achieve your dreams, but to keep them. If you didn’t have to overcome adversity towards your goals, then those goals probably weren’t meant for you to keep. You may revert back to square one. Especially if you go through the motions and take the achievements for granted and call them easy. If it’s hard, you’re more likely to stay on track and keep it once you’ve achieved it. Climbing is not easy, and if you don’t have experience doing it, it will be especially difficult. But how you do it, is by breaking it off into sections and understanding that each sections have it’s own dangers and treacherous terrain, and if you are not equipped with the right amount of techniques and work ethic to make it, you’ll fail. But it’s only failure when you’ve quit. Each failure is not taken as a loss, until you stop. So just don’t stop. Keep moving, keep climbing people. The climb is the journey. WE’re all on our own climb. We’re all on our own mountain. Each one looks different some are higher and some aren’t. That’s just how it goes I guess. But we compare ourselves to each other all the time, and we just can’t. It doesn’t make much sense. The strength you get from your climb, will be the skills develop in real time on the way to achieving your goals. Don’t be pissed off that things are hard, remember, they’re hard because they have to be. Otherwise you will take the achievements for granted. 
Love you guys! Cheers, and happy Tuesday. 
*Leaving this here to remind myself that sometimes I climb a mountain that’s not even supposed to be the one for me. I have to follow my path, but the path that the voice inside me says to follow, not the one that exterior voices say we should be on.

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Blog #57 – Words That Change Ethos

Wakeup: growth, change, hustling & grinding, sweating, building yourself up, evolving and success does not come from “yes” and easy roads. They come from bouncing back from a single word. “No.” 
If you “can’t” or you’re told “no” the change that comes from using those words as unacceptable answers in your ethos to change will far exceed any claims of “yes”, “easy”, “fast” or anything else that insinuates taking a shortcut. Nothing in life that’s worth its weight in gold comes easy. 
What are you doing for yourself today that’s going to get you to where you want to be?

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Blog #56- Keto Clear-ups & Wake up’s Part 1

Wakeup: the Keto Life yo! So figured I’d just blanket a post every now and again about an important subject on Ketogenics. Here goes: 
(For those on Keto or thinking to start, here you go, hopefully I can answer some inquiries)

Nothing to fear here!!! Most people that test their ketones with urine strips almost never seem to have a high level, and this is why: 
Be cognoscente of the fact that when you’re testing your ketones via pee strips that even if you do not show any ketone levels on the strips that does not mean you aren’t in ketosis. Know that the strips measure how many ketones are LEFT in the body after being utilized. A true indicator of ketone levels is from the blood not the urine. A pee test cannot give you an accurate indicator of what’s in the blood. 

Some people worry about ketoasidosis when on keto here’s what you need to know to rest your mind at ease: our bodies on keto can create just the right amount of ketones that our bodies need for ketosis. The toxic level for ketoasidosis is upward in the 15-25 mm/per litre range. When you are burning ketones on keto diet the highest level on average our bodies can create is in the 3mm/per litre range. (Mm stands for milli-molar) 
Strips only measure acito acetate that’s in the ketone. (Which is a less efficient chemical from the ketone) once you begin burning ketones like crazy and really efficiently you’ve passed level 1, and are now creating betahydroxybuterate which doesn’t get detected on strips but is the real deal. It’s what you are trying to create from your ketones that will ultimately be what aids you in weight loss. Ketone strips is a great tool to measure the level and amount your Creating to monitor the level of ketones in the body. Remember in regards to strips, they are only measuring the amount of ketones that are left over, that spills out from your pee only after you hit a certain level of ketones that receive access to your blood. You want to know this in order to not get discouraged when testing with strips. A great indicator of ketone production outside of spending money on cheap tools is if you wake up and are not starving of hunger. If you’re still losing weight. And if you fast it’s one f the most effective ways to create BHB molecule from ketones. Eating keto helps you train the body to stay in ketosis and continue to burn fat. The reason why fasting is so complimentary to the keto lifestyle is because you are training your body to use fat as fuel. If you do not fast every once in awhile to allow the body to utilize its own fat for fuel you may not lose as much as you hoped. This is just another reason why Intermittent fasting is so vital to the keto diet. they go hand in hand. Remember over eating and refusing to listen to your body, is like pouring more gas into a gas tank. Fat is a far more efficient tool then glucose. (Which is why you don’t need as much fat to feed you as you would need of carbs)

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Blog #55- Give It Up For Energy!!!

Wakeup! Get after it if you can. We all need to combat this negativity. Stay smiling. Stay radiating. Control what you can control. And whatever you cannot, leave it by the wayside. Work on something for yourself today. Don’t let others and their lack of energy bring you down. Feed others positive energy today, get in the high frequency realm and give back some energy you receive!