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Blog #45 – 5am Wakeup – Pay No Attention To The Folks That Want You To Lose

“The pain that comes from discipline is weighed in ounces, where the pain that comes from regret is weighed in tons. The more you suffer today, the stronger you’ll be tomorrow.” 

Get your weekend on! Enjoy the weather, and hit me up let me know how you all are doing! 

I just want to say I’m grateful for the friendships here. The question I posed the other day, about “if anyone is silently hurting, to reach out and talk” — I am supremely honored by the amount of responses I received that day. I took the time to have conversations with every last person that messaged me. 

I’m so grateful you all took the time to talk. Get things off your chests. The heavier that shit is, the more it zaps the person you used to be, right out of you. So I hope those people woke up the next day with a sense of ease or at least a release of sorts. 

Remember, you can’t live the life you were meant to live by holding on to the things that stop you from growing. You control how you choose to react to things that are said that keep you down. People that “hate” aren’t even in the game. 
So pay no attention. 

Cheers !!!

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Blog #44 – 5am Wakeup – Let’s See What You’re Made Of!

For the last week or so, I purposely threw my routine off, completely! To see if I could get back into it, with a bit of difficulty and discipline. 
Test myself and see where I’m at, truly. Can I reign it in? I think so. I have to. Lol otherwise what I’m doing is just crazy! 

I’ve started writing a new book. It’s a three part kids book. 
Sounds silly, but having watched my kids grow this week and seeing their creative minds unfiltered and surging with electricity of ideas I’m becoming deeply influenced by them right now. 

My music industry book update is this: I’m awaiting some feedback from a publishing company, there are two others interested and I’m using this week to really think about what I am going to do and which direction I’ll head into with a partner for this book release. 

Gypsy Chief Goliath FINALLY getting back at it with rehearsals and shows! More dates to be announced but for now we are in London Aug. 10th at Call The Office.
Aug. 17th in Trenton playing a motorcycle rally out there. And we are solidifying a Windsor show for early Sept. 
Work is incredibly busy right now and it’s good problems to have. Actually the best problems to have. Right?!!! 
Started to really pay more attention to my mood right now as the routine has been thrown so far off it’s not even funny. 

I’m grounding myself through a few different podcasts, and long walks. Start off with meditation then a swim. Reading and then write a chapter. A few dynamite exercises that WORK , have my bulletproof coffee a little later in morning rather than at 5am. Primarily because I’ve been waking up at 7:30am each day this week. 

My birthday is this coming Monday July 22nd. I turn 39 years old. I’m so close and on point to achieving my goals before 40. That was the intention. Last year I said 2 years to wrap up all the bullshit that’s been lingering, reignite old friendships with people that really meant a lot to me growing up. Mentally and physically be on absolute fire and ready to engage with the future, at a pure optimal level of being. 
There is no waiting for me…. it’s now.

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Blog #43 – 5am Wakeup – All About The Mindfulness Baby!

5am Wakeup:
Trying to be as mindful as possible. Being aware and conscious in the moment while tuning into the focus of the here and the now. 

Using the mornings to practice all the present moment living I can handle, because it spills into the rest of my day. When I catch myself drifting off into another thought and realize I’m not mindful of the moment and seconds that I’m living in, I try to draw it back to that. And this happens more than I’d like to admit. Reading about Zen Philosophy a bit, and it’s quite fascinating… 

For instance, when I write I tend to drift in and out and then sometimes I’ll start thinking too far ahead and witness myself worrying about the stressors of my day and that stuff isn’t even going to be happening until a few hours from now! 

At this point I have a choice. I can sit and waste my present moment thinking about things that haven’t happened yet and prepare myself with negative response and build up a fraudulent belief that I can’t do this or can’t do that, no…Rather, I step back and focus on the breathing, my thoughts of the words that are coming out and I literally close my eyes and focus on the words to my fingers connected to the keyboard and what’s appearing on the screen and BAM I’m back in it. Being mindful and aware. 

I wake up at 5am so that I can take care of myself and do the things in my life I need to do to be a better version of myself for everyone around me. That includes my wife, my kids, my parents, my work, my clients, my colleagues, my band, and most of all myself (in so many forms!)

It occurred to me that by the evening I have a routine of winding down once the kids are in bed. I don’t want to carve out “alone” time to write and read and exercise and practice etc…etc…. I just don’t. I want to kick back watch a movie and hang out with my wife until we head off to bed. I want to use my evenings to worry less about tomorrow and just prepare for a good nights sleep. 

The morning is what I take for myself to get ready for everyone else in the land of flying shit! Like I said, if I wake up to the sound of screaming kids and hungry Whiny cats, and dishes clanging in the sink, and yelling through the house for everyone to start getting ready, I’m honestly setting my day up for absolute and total failure. I have so many negative frequencies plowing through my nervous system that I’m on edge and now worried about the day’s load of crap ahead of me. 

So I wake up before everyone to focus on me first. That way when everyone else slowly gets up I’m ready for them all. I’m ready to be he best to them. And I am. 

Mindfulness is a form of animating the time in your day that seemingly means nothing. Dead air. When it’s dead air, remind yourself to come alive by the choice to focus. 

These choices and the mindfulness of the present moment is what helps aide us in decisions and choices that are beyond “no I can’t do this” or “nah I don’t want to”. Practicing these things, helps aide and support your overall goals. If you have em, go get em. No one else is going to. And time is fleeting. I’m fucking 39 already. I’ve done so much in my life and I have so much to be proud of, yet I’m 39 and While I feel I’m closer to death as each day goes by, I also feel like I haven’t done shit. That wick is lit and our time is fleeting. It’ll be gone soon. So this year I’ve made another choice. To be just like this past year. More of that please! To continue working on being the best version of me moving forward. No more being focused on what I can’t do. Double down on my strengths and go for broke!

Cheers everyone on this Wednesday. 
I just wanted to say RIP to my friend David McNevin who passed away Saturday after a battle with Cancer. My heart goes out to Nathan and his family, David was an incredible human

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Blog #42 – 5:00am Wake Up – Carving Out Your Time To Get Things Done

When I first started writing it, like anyone that is about to write a book I cracked my knuckles, leaned back into my chair and started twirling a pencil while staring at a blank screen. A blank piece of paper, and of course… a blank mental slate. I had nothing to say, nothing to recall, and after approximately 5 pages in the can, I started telling EVERYONE “Hey! I’m writing a book!!! See? Look – 5 pages already!!!” 

Then days would turn to weeks….Weeks would turn to months…. And hell, let’s go even further – months would then turn into years. And from there (yup there’s more), the years would turn into “I better shut the fuck up, and not talk about the book anymore because I’ve only written 5 pages!” 

About 10 months ago I buckled down and told myself I was going to churn out this book if it kills me. Where perspective started to change for me, was when I began focusing on my chapters as miniature lessons, or articles. I broke it all down into something I could handle. I realized that when I look at a bigger picture in a general conceptual way, the product looks complete in my head. But it hasn’t even been created yet. But the appearance of completion in my mind was almost enough for me to quit entirely as it was totally rewarding enough to just see the final product in my mind. (I hope that doesn’t sound too weird?) The doors blew wide open once I took that realization, sliced it into a pie, and took it one piece at a time. 5 pages within days quickly turned into 111 pages, and not to mention an entirely new focus on life to boot. 

I finally stepped out of my head and took a look around. I saw a lot of people I admire and respect doing a lot of good. Not just for themselves, but others as well. I got the impression that life to them, was giving them everything they wanted because they stopped asking for it, and started giving themselves to others in a way where nothing in return was expected – whatsoever. So I began doing the same. 

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the past year. I felt the hellish heat of pressure, and the stress and panic of impending doom from growing old and feeling like I’ve done absolutely nothing with my life. The anticipation to complete the things in my life that I set out to do, was further crippling my ability to focus. 

The best advice I could give anybody about anything is: 

Opportunities & Networking:
-“it’s NOT who you know, it’s WHO IS WILLING TO SAY THEY KNOW YOU!” 

Health & Wellness:
-“If you want something bad enough, you better stop asking for it, and start taking the first steps in creating a domino effect that will lead to bigger change.”

Carve out your time. No one will do that for you. So if it requires you to get up a little earlier, do it. If it requires you to go to bed a little later, do it. The next big thing is out there, and the next big change in your life (or mine) is out there too…. The only disclaimer to that is, it will only happen when you bend the time and execute what you create. 

My goal is to get into the best shape of my life (mentally and physically) before 40. I have 1 more year after this. 
My next goal is to audit all my past goals and review them and examine where I failed and why.

If life is really a journey, and it’s meant to be full of continuous learning, and adventure and evolution and growth etc…. Then let’s make the future our bitch by forging a path to it, starting today. 

Week is almost done! Happy Thursday everyone!

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Blog #41 – 5:00am Wake Up – MISTAKES…

I wrote a book. It’s called: “The Mistakes I’ve Made & Experience I’ve Gained: The Bible For The Touring Musician”. I completed the manuscript several weeks back, and am now having it edited. I’ve shopped it around for a publishing company, and I’m happy to say there are two publishing companies interested in publishing the book! Several have passed on it as well.

I’m working out details and negotiating (which I’m seeing is very similar to the way I used to shop for record labels – same idea). 
This is a music industry book, but more than that it’s a book about how a band can utilize their talents and individual skills each to put forth an entrepreneurial drive into the band giving them a greater advantage of being able to draw an income or perhaps even passive income in some ways. This is not a book on how to “Get big” as there are several variables and a lot of good fortune, playing odds with a few things being done right that can lead to some great success. This is a pretty raw and truthful book when it comes to ideas and ways to figure out what the hell are you supposed to do when being in a band and needing to do what you love but having no idea how to build on a larger scale. 

This is a book more about all the mistakes I have made, and how we could have monetized things better. It’s roughly 111 pages long and I’m quite proud of it. I’m announcing this now, because one way or the other, whether i come to a deal with a publisher or I self publish and start my own label to put it out, and land my own distribution deals one way or the other, it’s coming out this year. 

I am also going to be laughing my new website where I’ve moved the morning blog posts over to, and I’ve been creating content like crazy for it including an all brand new podcast!!!!

I am also embarking in a new B2B business venture, that is going to be bringing me BACK to my old clients and more! Life sure is upside down, but it’s all working out the way it is supposed to. It’s not the destination I’m concerned about. I know I’ll land where i need to be. My journey is what’s most important to me.

Lifestyle website, blog, and podcast, the book, the new album, new business venture. Positive vibes only! 
Also new show announcements to be made very soon!!!!
Cheers everyone.

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Blog #40 – 5:00am Wake Up – FASTING

Fasting info (for those interested) There’s two states you can be in when starting to fast. 

1.) you’re not doing the Ketogenic diet so you’re not in ketosis. Fasting is gong to be very hard for you. 
Because those first couple of days you first have to get into ketosis. And as everybody knows even on a Ketogenic diet fasting can be challenging. So once you get through that keto flu phase you are fat adapted, and less glucose adapted, so now you’re primed and ready for fasting. You have to have your glycogen depleted so you draw down first on all your storage of glucose, so if you can do this during the process f getting into ketosis you don’t lose any days of using fat for fuel while beginning fasting. Otherwise those first few days can be quite daunting. Glycogen is where water weight sits. So when I say depleting glycogen storage first it just means you begin to lose your water weight first and it’s the temporary storage for glucose. There isn’t much of it in there only about a days worth. So deplete that first and then off to the races of fat storage. Remember, that the beauty of fat storage is that it doesn’t care where it comes from in the body. When you are fasting , a good way to remember what you’re doing is to remind yourself when not eating your body is literally burning the donuts you ate from a decade ago let alone what you put in your body yesterday. So long as you’re in ketosis you are burning the fat right from your body. 

2.) the second state is your body burns carbs for fuel. So when you fast at that point, the idea is to trigger your body’s glycogen storage to deplete that first (just like on keto) then with no food in the system your body will be forced to start burning fat. A fast while being carb burner will trigger ketosis. A mild form. But still ketosis none the less.

This is why some disciplined carb burners can fast for several days and claim they don’t do keto. But they are in ketosis nonetheless. But just know as stated above doing it this way (fading while being glucose burning) is completely an inefficient way of utilizing that fat burning mechanism so it just makes more sense to go keto full time and enjoy the benefits of eating fats to lose weight even when you’re not fasting. And the other thing is, carb burning then fasting, is just going to be extremely difficult in nature as our bodies from an ancestral point of view all ate fat when it was available then would fast during certain times of animal scarcity and would have to rely on other sources being nuts, and berries. (Hence why you can eat those on a Ketogenic diet) Low in sugar and rich with fatty oils respectively. And because your body is fat fuel burning you can go longer on fasts and actually feel more energized and alert then you already are. Remember the reason we get fat was so we could store energy for when we had no food. So you can only burn that off when your Body is in a state of ketosis. This is the right way of eating.

(Fasting resource comes from The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung.)

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Blog #39 – 5:00am Wake Up – KETO Edition CONT’d

Nothing to fear here!!! Most people that test their ketones with urine strips almost never seem to have a high level, and this is why: 
Be cognoscente of the fact that when you’re testing your ketones via pee strips that even if you do not show any ketone levels on the strips that does not mean you aren’t in ketosis. Know that the strips measure how many ketones are LEFT in the body after being utilized. A true indicator of ketone levels is from the blood not the urine. A pee test cannot give you an accurate indicator of what’s in the blood. 

Some people worry about ketoasidosis when on keto here’s what you need to know to rest your mind at ease: our bodies on keto can create just the right amount of ketones that our bodies need for ketosis. The toxic level for ketoasidosis is upward in the 15-25 mm/per litre range. When you are burning ketones on keto diet the highest level on average our bodies can create is in the 3mm/per litre range. 

Strips only measure acito acetate that’s in the ketone. (Which is a less efficient chemical from the ketone) once you begin burning ketones like crazy and really efficiently you’ve passed level 1, and are now creating betahydroxybuterate which doesn’t get detected on strips but is the real deal. It’s what you are trying to create from your ketones that will ultimately be what aids you in weight loss. Ketone strips is a great tool to measure the level and amount your creating to monitor the level of ketones in the body. Remember in regards to strips, they are only measuring the amount of ketones that are left over, that spills out from your pee only after you hit a certain level of ketones that receive access to your blood.

You want to know this in order to not get discouraged when testing with strips. A great indicator of ketone production outside of spending money on cheap tools is if you wake up and are not starving of hunger. If you’re still losing weight. And if you fast it’s one f the most effective ways to create BHB molecule from ketones. Eating keto diet helps you train the body to stay in ketosis and continue to burn fat.

The reason why fasting is so complimentary to the keto diet is because you are training your body to use fat as fuel. If you do not fast every once in awhile to allow the body to utilize its own fat for fuel you may not lose as much as you hoped. This is just another reason why Intermittent fasting is so vital to the keto diet. they go hand in hand. Remember over eating and refusing to listen to your body, is like pouring more gas into a gas tank. Fat is a far more efficient tool then glucose. (Which is why you don’t need as much fat to feed you as you would need of carbs)

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Blog #38 – 5:00am Wake Up – KETO Edition

When I tell people that I’ve been keto for almost a year and went from 290lbs to 225lbs they always ask, what does my daily food intake look like?
When I was heavily in ketosis, I was “in” for I figure 3-4 months solid. And the way I did it was like this:

-Wake up and blend a keto-style coffee (black coffee, couple tbl spoons of heavy whipping cream, a tbl spoon of butter and mct powder blended, tastes unreal!!!) 

-2:00pm roughly I’d have celery and walnuts, or cheese and smoked sausage from the European market by my work. 

-6:00pm dinner would be cauliflower rice mixed with butter and shredded cheese, steak and an avocado. 

Then I wouldn’t eat for the rest of the night. I’d wake up the next day and have my keto-style coffee again.

-4:00pm i would warm up some beef bone broth (I ordered the bones from our local butcher shop and they saw them down for me and bag em and usually ready for pick up later that day!)

-7:00pm i would have more beef bone broth.
I would continue to fast into the next day. 
So…. I would take several days a week and call them “maintenance days” where I would fast extendedly to regenerate some cells and fix some nagging injuries due to inflammation and bloating. On average, my weekly intake became more of a 48 hrs cycle. 

Understand this though, when we are in ketosis our appetite is not as big at all, because to get there we must eat fat to satiety, meaning you don’t fear fat and you intake enough to honestly feel full and then you don’t keep eating. So I was listening to my body and the outcome was to fast on days I didn’t feel like eating. My body was fully fat adapted which means your body is now in the process of eating its own fat which by definition if you are listening to your body then you are just not hungry. 

I am now yet again trying to get back in to ketosis as I’ve been knocked out and had a hard time getting back in, mainly because I’ve hit my goal weight and I stalled myself by trying out new things and attempting to continue this keto lifestyle but sustain by trying to add calories. Now I see how much I can eat without gaining or losing, I’m back to trying a new goal so I’ve re begun the whole process again. Just because we are keto does not mean we are in ketosis all the time. Certain levels of foods and such things can knock us out easily if we do not monitor them. (Ketone levels)
This is how I do it. It’s not for everyone but I can’t wait to get back in and start losing again. I noticed my brain clarity was unbelievable in those times!