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Blog #37 – 5:00am Wake Up

5:00am Wakeup (I assure you I was in fact up at 5:00am. LOL – TRUTH!!!) 
Anyways, another short one… 

Patience. If you are building something, sometimes the best ammo to have is patience. Something great will come out of steady work, and patience. It’s long term. People that can wait it out and keep putting in the work, will win over today’s instant gratification world.

All of that distraction is very convincing. Most of us just live to get by. Some are happy, some are miserable. We can change it. We can become what we envision ourselves becoming. We just have to put in the work. And not for a day, or a week, or a month, or even a year. It needs to be the long term. You can fall off, but don’t fall off for long. Get back on and put the work in all over again. Why is it that we do the lazy mundane and foolish stuff long term, and short bursts of the things we actually want?

The long term effect of the results from good positive hard work always outweighs the negative and static shit. Why do we choose easy roads? Why can’t we flip the script and do lazy mundane things in short bursts as a way to give ourselves a break from all the hard work we’re putting in daily to better ourselves? Let’s put in the positive work long term and steadily! We have to win this. Life is short, but it’s the longest thing IN LIFE that we will do. Is to live. Nothing in our reality will be done in more time than just living. Is it because we take life truly for granted? Or maybe another reason. Or individual reasons for different people maybe? Perhaps we’re naturally wired to just be fine with it all?

But once that switch is made, I really do believe change is made…I really do choose the hard road each and every time now. I’m finding that the hard road is always more satisfying, no matter if I fail or succeed. It is extremely satisfying to know that progress is made from doing things you don’t want to do, but know that you should be doing them in order to get where you want to be. So you should just do it. Do the hard things. Make things happen. Build momentum in our lives that gets’ you to the next challenge. The next day. And so on.
I read something incredibly important to this idea and it goes: “Patience is for the long term, and speed is for the short term. The pressure that builds between the two produces the diamond.” I just loved that. 
Cheers people! it’s fuckin ‘ Friday!!!!!

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Blog #36 – 5:00am Wake Up

5:00am Wakeup:
Motivation will help determine how your day will go.
When you wake up, if you are motivated that will help your success. 
It is an exterior force pulling you. But you have to want it. 

Inspiration is internal. It has more to do with a spiritual motivation. When something is inspiring, it’s because it has touched your soul. When something is motivating it is more of a physical pull. Motivation gets you moving, inspiration gets you thinking. 
Is it motivation someone needs today? Or is it inspiration? 

How is everyone doing today? 
I’m reflecting on how grateful I am to what I already have. What I want will come later. Through hard work. I’ve realized what I’m most grateful for, the best way for me to appreciate that is to write it all down. Express my gratitude through words. So that I recall it and remember mentally where I was upon thinking of it. 
Things to watch out for: for those who are Type A personalities, we are extremely ambitious yet overly self-critical or discouraged during the process of change. That can be self-destructing at times. The desire to be something else may be greater than the gratitude of what you already have, so the imbalance begins and its characteristics are teetering in the opposite direction of your intention. So self development gets misguided and sometimes leads to depression of anxiety when things don’t come soon enough. How to mitigate the damage?
Through patience. Have a lot of it. Practice it. Win the game, not every quarter must be won. Try and disconnect from social media once in awhile, as it’s often a distraction. 

I read that if social media is a platform, we the people are the water that fills the pipes. Social media is not destroying our culture, it’s the mirror to our own bullshit. Social media shows us how fucked up we really are. And its an increasingly crowded place. It’s like proverbially living in China. We’re just all on top of each other stuffed in a digital world that is seemingly becoming smaller and smaller. Yet it’s still so vast. 
Hopefully this will motivate some. When you catch yourself aimlessly scrolling, just remember someone out there is hustling harder than you. If you’re killing time looking at people’s vacation photos, someone out there is hustling harder than you. If you have ideas and dream big, but find yourself caught up in the gears of social media – draining your energy and bringing you down, just remember…..someone out there is hustling harder than you.

Something else I read the other day that HIT ME HARD was this—….when doing all this you must decide are you going to be your authentic self or live by the persona you create. I think that is among the most important things right now. It’s extremely critical for the overall picture and how you get there. 
Cheers! Happy Tuesday!!!!! Mid week for most is almost here.

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Blog #35 – 5:00am Wake Up

5:00am WakeUp: Lately a very cool thing has been happening. If I’m talking about something that makes me nervous, or a bit uncomfortable, or perhaps discussing some fears or hurdles that my mind has put on me to avoid attaining my goals, I literally stop, think about what I just said and how I’m feeling and if I reflect quickly and notice that I’m coming in with some serious low end vibrations/frequency/energy I’m rewiring or rearranging my thoughts and looking at the perspective from another angle. And it has been working. I am not allowing myself to fall into a funk that way, and I’m not allowing negative thoughts to ruin my day.There’s nothing to be negative about. We must fail to succeed. We must fail a lot and keep going in order to truly see what we’re made of. We must help make people around us feel as awesome as we feel because we are all connected. Through that energy and vibration. We’re all connected. Has someone ever made you feel uncomfortable or “off” just by their energy? Low vibrations are coming in strong. If you’re feeling weighed down, stuffy, or heavy, you are most likely operating on a low vibration. We share those vibrations. We share that frequency spectrum. Higher level vibrations are not on that frequency. That’s why there are people out there that are unable to allow low end to interfere with their own energy. People on that level tend to avoid negativity like the plague. Because it’s true, it’s extremely contagious. WE must practice being highly intuitive. Amplify certain instincts. How do you know you’re operating at a higher vibration? Your confidence… Other people open up to you. You often find yourself giving advice to people that ask you specifically as they respect your opinion. You’re open to many different types of people. Or opportunities spontaneously open up for you. You practice living in the present and less in the past or future. Your body feels strong and healthy. You feel as though you’ve found your calling in life. You forgive easily. Self discipline. You eat less processed food as the inflammation from such foods clouds thoughts and judgements, and increases physical pain. 

Eliminating people who are constantly negative from your life, will help but it’s certainly not the answer. It is definitely an inner strength type of thing…. It sounds extremely sappy and dumb but, learning to unconditionally love yourself if essential for healing to begin. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot change. If you cannot find fulfillment in life, it is incredibly difficult to make a change. We’ve all been there, and often times as humans we teeter totter on the line of low and high constantly. This isn’t something we just have or don’t. It’s practice, and it’s never perfect. 

Some low end vibrations to watch out for: if you’re argumentative. People who love to argue. They’re toxic. If we complain a lot, if substance abuse is a massive problem, if we self-sabotage ourselves, if we primarily focus on negativity, if you struggle to feel gratitude, these are all low end traits. Keep them in mind, and try and change lanes or turn a corner when you find yourself thinking in those slumps. It’s important to feel self awareness. That is the key to understanding where you are, and how to get out of it. You must become self aware. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses. 
I’m speaking from experience. I think we all have experienced this. 
Have a lovely Thursday! We’re almost there again! End of week is upon us. End of month is here. I have a lot of amazing new things happening, opportunities have opened up for me and I’m so grateful. 
*Leaving this here to remind myself in a year from now to reassess and see if I’ve maintained and changed….Keep it up!!!*

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Blog #34 – 5:00am Wake Up

No easy roads. Only hard work. If I want something in life: I’m putting it out there – I’m figuring out what i have to do to get there – I’ll start breaking down what that looks like in smaller pieces – knock those down like dominoes so that the focus is on one thing or two things at a time. Manageable. From there, if I’ve put in the work I have to believe what comes to me is what’s meant to be. 
The secret to all of this is patience and consistency. 
If we aren’t there yet, we will get there folks! Believe me. No other options for this guy.

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Blog #33 – 5:00am Wake Up

Good vibes everyone. For all.
Follow your dreams, and be happy. If you’re miserable, never feel like you’re stuck. Always know that change is around the corner you just have to stop caring what other people think. That’s how you get there. The thing that holds us back the most is our fear of how others Perceive us. But we need to take care of ourselves first. So we really have to push through.
Cheers to Monday.

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Blog #32 – 5:00am Wake Up

I wrote a book. It’s called: “The Mistakes I’ve Made & Experience I’ve Gained: The Bible For The Touring Musician”. I completed the manuscript several weeks back, and am now having it edited. I’ve shopped it around for a publishing company, and I’m happy to say there are two publishing companies interested in publishing the book! Several have passed on it as well. I’m working out details and negotiating (which I’m seeing is very similar to the way I used to shop for record labels – same idea). 

This is a music industry book, but more than that it’s a book about how a band can utilize their talents and individual skills each to put forth an entrepreneurial drive into the band giving them a greater advantage of being able to draw an income or perhaps even passive income in some ways. This is not a book on how to “Get big” as there are several variables and a lot of good fortune, playing odds with a few things being done right that can lead to some great success. This is a pretty raw and truthful book when it comes to ideas and ways to figure out what the hell are you supposed to do when being in a band and needing to do what you love but having no idea how to build on a larger scale. 

This is a book more about all the mistakes I have made, and how we could have monetized things better. It’s roughly 111 pages long and I’m quite proud of it. I’m announcing this now, because one way or the other, whether i come to a deal with a publisher or I self publish and start my own label to put it out, and land my own distribution deals one way or the other, it’s coming out this year. 
I am also going to be laughing my new website where I’ve moved the morning blog posts over to, and I’ve been creating content like crazy for it including an all brand new podcast!!!!

I am also embarking in a new B2B business venture, that is going to be bringing me BACK to my old clients and more! Life sure is upside down, but it’s all working out the way it is supposed to. It’s not the destination I’m concerned about. I know I’ll land where i need to be. My journey is what’s most important to me.
Lifestyle website, blog, and podcast, the book, the new album, new business venture. Positive vibes only! 
Also new show announcements to be made very soon!!!!
Cheers everyone.

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Blog #31 – 5:00am Wake Up

5:00am Wakeup!

The one asset we all really care about, but the longer we live the less we have of, is time. Yes we all have to work and yes we all have to live. The keys are definitely to be happy doing what you do, if not through your day job, then through your life’s creative works. Do something that makes you happy! If it’s to be with your family and spend that time watching your kids grow, evolve, and learn the ropes then that’s where its at. If no kids, and your happiness lies within the time spent with friends and acquaintances then THAT’s where its at.

If you spend your life working for someone else and that makes you happy, because it allows freedom, and gives you security and stability then that’s where it’s at. Do the things you love. Try and turn your career into something you love too. There is still so much time, after all it’s the only thing we have so little of, yet it’s the longest thing we’ll have in life. So do things that make you happy, accomplished, and satisfied. If you spend 1/3 of your days working, and the rest trying to mitigate the stress from a job you hate, it seems to me that is a waste of your time. Learn to love it, or move on and grab your life back and reassess what’s truly important. Feed the creative side as much nutrients as you possibly can. Give yourself the credit to create and be different. Take that creative and different path and transfer it into a real world application, and try and monetize it. See if you can make money doing what you love. Even if it’s a hobby or pass time. At least you are slowly transitioning into the person that you see that has potential to be what they want on their terms. 

What do we do with the other time away from work? How is it spent? Are we constantly just trying to relax and not worry about the job? Or? I know it’s different for everyone…. if people are happy doing what they do, I’m happy for them, and this post isn’t exactly geared to those who are doing so. This is geared towards those that fear other’s perceptions of themselves. The ones that give too many fucks about the thoughts and opinions of people who certainly don’t give a fuck about them. The ones that can hear the haters through the screen and into their soul. You are being penetrated by hate and negativity and the wrong fuckin message entirely. I read the other day, “those people bought a ticket to the arena to watch as a spectator. They aint even in the game!!! Cause if they were, they’d spend way less time hating from the sidelines, and way more time doing their thing.” 
Do you know how much amazing stuff has happened to me since I started this journey? The gratitude and appreciation I feel towards everyone is unmeasurable. I threw positivity out there, and the social networks I’m in, connected back to me in positivity making the connection strong and electric. Thank you! If you had reached out to me in negativity, I can’t tell you where I’d be right now. I’m so thankful for that. I don’t hear the negativity these days, but the frequency is felt like an earthquake. There is REAL energy between us humans, ESPECIALLY when we are ALL emitting (or transmitting) the same frequency. Please remember that. The natural born haters of this world, are going to lose regardless. So I don’t care about them. Great people, great and wild personalities I’m sure, they have their own issues to deal with as we all do though. We all live through troubling times, so for someone that is always complaining they’re emitting the frequency of that, that will not change by making that choice to not change. Waiting for a sign aint going to promote change. The work will. The attitude will. The ethos will. 
Cheers to what will be a perfectly executed Thursday. Do all the things you need to do today to get to Friday with ease and happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s celebrating this weekend. To the dad’s out there that are no longer with us, but celebrating elsewhere Happy Father’s Day to you all as well. You’re all in my thoughts. I hope you feel it.

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Blog #30 – 5:00am Wake Up

5:00am Wakeup: 
I hope we all know change is possible. It Just takes some serious mental override to take you from the fears and thrust us into the “yes” mode. We can do this. I’m peeling back the triggers right now in order to see growth and change. Once I moved my perception to another angle of my life I could see that certain decisions were dumb, I’d ask why do I fall for that?

Then I identify the trigger and begin the work. Honestly. If you know what to do but you think it’s too hard, ask yourself: has someone else overcome this situation? If so, I really believe the next action step is to find the smallest next step and just take it. Again, it’s patience. It’s taken us so many years to destroy our health, why should Chang be just around the corner? It’s in the distance! It’s the journey that we must love. It’s the process we must love. If change is to happen we must wake up with ambition and intent. If we fail we mustn’t get sad and feel helpless. We must put in hard work, follow through and have patience. No one got anywhere for free and without hard work. If they did, then they won the lottery.

We NEED that hard work to give us a sense of achievement or even failure. Both are good. One is not better than the other. We achieve and we fail on a daily basis. If you can achieve and fail within the same realm, you are doing it. You are climbing, you are learning and you are definitely evolving. The failures are becoming more potent in my life then achievements. I’m not talking about failing to do something, or feeling like a failure in life. I’m talking about getting back up after not abiding by my routine or mantra or rituals that I have now set in motion. My failures come from those moments in the day where I’m weak or tired or triggered by something that I associate with a false joy. (Short term crap that gives me no benefits long term)

This morning started off with a 5:00am wake up, bulletproof coffee, squats, pushups, planks and I’m just about to take a walk through the woods. getting the kids ready for school and out the door too. 
Then, have a few meetings today, there will be some time set aside for creative as well. 
We must destroy mid week!!!! We must destroy mid week!!!!

Get some inspiration today, remember to not think too far in advance! Having an end goal is fine but not dealing with the levels between is what’s wrong. We need to knock down the goals of today and tomorrow and keep doin great. We fail cause we planned too far in advance and didn’t factor the short term and maybe become weak and overwhelmed. If you take each day by day the failures are smaller and easier to overcome. 
Note* leaving this here so that in a year I can remind myself that it’s been two years of process and change and that’s a long time and to remember that it never comes tomorrow. If it does, then today has to be the longest fuckin day of my life.

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Blog #29 – 5:00am Wake Up

5:00am Wakeup: Short & Sweet today.
Things are going well. There are hurdles and there are challenges. There are
setbacks. But I keep reminding myself the things in life that I am after, are not
easy to achieve. And the things that come easy in life are not worth spending my
time on either. So which way is it…? I choose the hard road. Every single time. So
much more character building comes from the hard road.
Some truly incredible things have happened these past few months. Amazing
things ahead as well. Love you all, and we’re on the other half of this week now,
so let’s finish it off in style!!!
Make it count today!

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Blog #28 – 5:00am Wake Up

5:00am Wake up:
Motivation. Think of it this way and I hope this helps anyone reading it.
Think of motivation as that aspect of human behaviour that needs to be there in
order for you to do anything with some conviction. If you have enthusiasm to do
something, you’re motivated! When you make a decision, that choice is at it’s
simplest form influenced by your motivational state. You either want to do, or

I think of learning, working and the creative… All aspects, if you are motivated to
do them, you will probably do better than if you’re not motivated. I think we all can
agree there.

Have you ever been so motivated (At first) and fizzled out a few hours later, never
to have that motivation return? Apparently there’s some science to that.
I spent some hours researching this topic this weekend, and what i found out was
there are many forms of motivation, but primarily it’s looked at as 2 specific types:
extrinsic and intrinsic.

Think of extrinsic motivation as external forces that drive you to chase… Like
money, and materialistic shit. Intrinsic is the motivation you get from joy and the
actual achieving. Each way of feeling is based off the type of task you are doing.
And those tasks have been broken-down into 2 specific types as well: algorithmic
and heuristic. And from what I’ve read an algorithmic task is a set process. It’s
literally a set of instructions down a defined path that leads to a conclusion.
Whereas heuristic task is very much the exact opposite. No defined path, no
single conclusion to be made here, and your answers are to be explained through
creative and experimental ways.

There are higher level rewards, (internal joy, and happiness) and there are
baseline rewards as they refer to them, which is usually a monetary value like
money, these are in regards to the algorithmic and heuristic results from each

Often times these different motivational ways cross streams like in Ghostbusters
and while the end result of the crossed streams may no be as “very bad” as Egon
alluded to, they can make or break your end result depending on how much
process v.s creative you put in.
For instance, the drive and passion towards a goal, through motivation can
drastically convince you to make a decision to slightly go into another direction
that in any other situation you probably wouldn’t have considered. That is when
those types, cross and can interfere. An example would be, Having the intention to
help someone and being highly motivated to do so, then someone catches on to
your motivation and detracts you by offering incentive. If the incentive is in line
with the goal, it makes sense, but once the incentive is pulled away, the motivation
begins to slip. The streams were crossed.

I think we all have such an amazing ability to be highly motivated and chase our
passions and dreams. Let’s just stay on the course and not be detracted by
exterior forces.
If you have goals, dreams, or anything else driving you, stay motivated. As much
as possible. Give yourself “free days” to regroup or recharge, but get back at it.
Have a process with an outcome. Write it down so you have a guide
book/blueprint. I have been thinking a lot about this, and it helps clear the fog that
often times blocks the connections of my motivational behaviour. All I mean by
that is, When I am motivated, and inspired to be creating, I have to have an end
result from what I’m doing. If I don’t, I must figure out the “why” that’s burning in
my soul to do this. And from those two points, I connect as many dots as it takes
for it to make sense, and allow a visible guide to get me there.
If the idea is to make a blog a viable source of income then I would need to look at
affiliate marketing and sponsorship etc… Connect those dots. But don’t let the one
aspect overlay the creation of content either.. Crossing the streams in an equal
balance is probably the best bet. Definitely why successful companies or
progressive businesses can be run with a good level of balance for these ideas,
as they have departments directly related to these things…

Mind map your information to build your routine, be clear on what needs to be
pursued and focused on. Break those ideas down into chunks and keep pushing
forward (You’ll have a routine designed so this part should come natural at least
for a little while…) Look for gaps in your understanding, and research as much as
you can. That information will keep you engaged. And don’t expect to feel
motivated all the time. Organizing your time helps. Exercise regularly…Read as
much as you can. Visualize yourself reaching your end goals, but focus on the
process more then the result. Kill the distractions as well.
Leaving this here, to remind myself that when I lose motivation eventually I am to re-read this and regain the power that we all possess. I am an extremely motivated individual. So this should be easy. We’ll see!!!