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Blog #5 – 5:00am sharp

The morning wake up! 5:00am sharp!

I think all of us as people, are highly sensitive to momentum. That’s specifically why people say, “habit forming” and doing things over and over again will produce results. What do you do when they don’t? How do you stay motivated? 
For me, it’s literally all about trusting the process, wanting/needing to change, and recognizing that it’s ok if immediate results don’t always occur. So obtaining momentum can be quite difficult sometimes. Living in the instant gratification world, where some of us are still old school can be challenging when we’re trying to keep up with the rest. But my focus and intentions are strong right now. I fail all the time. I’m failing daily. Literally every single day.
This may sound dumb, but I look at failures as physical hurdles and I’m on a race track. This not being a race, as we all know optimal health is an ultra marathon, I seriously look at my failures just as blocks on the road that I have to dodge or bust through and keep on going. That’s all they are. If a failure arises and we fall and say fuck it, then the road block is just too high for the state we’re in. Take a day and regroup. Rebuild that momentum and GO! The reason I’m saying this is, I’ve had a rough two weeks. Everyone is sick around me, I was feeling it too, finally getting over my broken wrist and having so much on my plate, can be overwhelming and dare I say crippling at times. One thing I didn’t do was drag my feet. 
I do not want to be defined by all the irons in my fire more then I want to be defined by the things I’m actually accomplishing. The caveat to that is, I hope people can notice how someone overcomes their failures to reach their success. I believe it’s referred to as “building character” lol.  
Knowing that it didn’t come easy, and that it’s certainly not over is where my momentum comes into play. I’m blasting through roadblocks driving blindfolded at 100mph now (proverbially speaking of course)!!! I feel a fire in me that burns through momentum and a body recomposition has happened as a result. I’m down 65 lbs and while yes I wanted to lose weight, though once I got rolling everything was interconnected! If I trusted the process, I didn’t need immediate results I just needed time. Mental clarity, physical strength, ambition it all is interconnected when a lifestyle change occurs and not just a “diet”. 
To the ones that have read this, I challenge you all to dropping a comment below and tell us what will motivate you today, and to start small. Build that momentum not by 0-60mph in 2 seconds flat, but by first turning it on, then slow and steady by next week, and increase the speed on your way to your first roadblock. And it’s how you get over that first roadblock, and keep going that will help tailor your success. Momentum!!! 
Happy Friday! Happy WRESTLEMANIA WEEKEND!!! 

*Leaving this here to remind myself how I was able to overcome a real rough couple of weeks. I didn’t allow it to get the best of me. Because the best of me is still yet to come!


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Blog #4 – 5:00am Wake up

5:00am Wake up last two days.
Been sluggish, one of the kiddos have been sick for a bit, we’re all dealing with a energy zap. We made more Bone Broth this past weekend though. 
Working on so much right now. Some branding and projects are coming to light in the upcoming months and I’m excited for them. 
If I visualize my ideas from left to right and call them width, I can see them all lined up, almost like the alphabet…Then the execution becomes my ideas’ depth. That’s where we’re at right now. Creating the depth to these ideas. Which means they are close to becoming real. 
So much change in my life is happening right now. 
A much needed lifestyle change occurred last year, through some extreme dedication, discipline, and the desire to change. I owe a lot to the people around me that contributed to my rewiring and biohacking. I’m definitely not fully there yet, but clarity has really got me wanting to give back somehow. Provide some insight if people need it (backed by science and research of course). Also no signs of slowing down for me. 
Anyways, please… Everyone have a great rest of the week!

*This is here, meant to remind me of the traveled road, what’s ahead and that its a continuous climb.

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Blog #3 – 5:15am – Wake up

5:15am – Wake up. 
Give little thought about tomorrow and only think about today. The more we think about particulars, The more power we invest in them. So why not think about today and what we need to do to get shit done. Skipping today’s steps to only ruminate about future or past is a total waste of a present moment that we never ever get back- because well, time.

*Leaving this here to see if I listen to myself. I know this must be done.

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Blog #2 – Rough Wakeup at 5:00am

Rough wakeup at 5:00am today, but I’m up and ready to destroy Monday – it’s the one day historically, I truly despise, knowing I’m wired to understand that it’s the reset to my week and all starts over again. 
So today I got up, no complaints….In my mind today is as exciting as a Friday. 
Must keep knocking down the things I need to do that are going to get me through and onward to Tuesday. I will do everything I can today to make Monday mine. 
Lemon  water & then bulletproof coffee, pushups, squats and planks, some reading, I’ll write an entry too. 
THEN I start my day! Which is NOW! 

*Leaving this here to remind myself there are things we all need to do in order to achieve the things we want. I’ll ask myself tomorrow, did I do what I needed to do yesterday to keep me on track today? The answer will be fuck yes.

Read something this morning and it has pushed me in the right direction today: “all our ideas may be solid or better yet, even good, but you have to EXECUTE them for them to matter.” This resonates with me. 

One day at a time….we got this. 
Normally, I tend to dream mini goals/ mini successes, and I achieve them. This year I’m going to dream big and spend most of the time trying to execute it. 
But it starts today. What am I going to do today to make that happen.

Today started at 5:00am with stretching and some DDP Yoga 
Coffee and News/ messages and a chapter from a book. 

Cheers everyone good luck today! 
(Leaving this here to remind myself I need to get off my ass in order to make things happen).

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Blog #1 – 4:44am wake up

Pushups /squats/ core exercises/ strong deep breathing to help me focus on this moment.
Coffee. Must have coffee.
Read my messages.
Read another chapter of some books I’m super into right now.
Line up and block out what my day is going to look like.
I control my day. Minus the exterior forces that will surely fuck it up, lol but I’m not thinking about that.

I’m doing what I need to do now, so I can have those forces mitigated to a level of nothing when it happens and as soon as it hits my mind. My effort today and patience, will not be undervalued by me.
Leaving this here to remind myself of what a lazy fuck I’ll surely be in a year from now. Hoping to change that. Follow through is the most important part. Ideas are great. Let’s execute though!!!!
Cheers! Happy Friday. I’m looking at today not as, “fuck yes it’s the end of the week and the start of the weekend” — I have to look at it as, “it’s Friday and I have one more chance today, to make this week even better”